When You Trust Your Body You Open To More Health, Love and Joy.


When you look at your experience with body awareness you are able to enjoy life from the inside out.

If you learn to trust your intuition you open the door to truth.

The Meraki Way is the way that leads you to inspiration and truth. And therefore when you trust your body you open to more health, love, and joy.

What would your life be if you just trusted what your body told you?

How often do you go against what your body tells you?

How often you give power to your mind when your body knows better?

Knowing how to trust your body will give you access to health, love, and joy.

How often do you: 

-eat something you know your body doesn’t tolerate?

– forget to drink water?

– wear shoes or clothes your body does not enjoy? 

– do not sleep enough

– make decisions from a place of  ” I have to “? or from a place of fear to lose?

The Meraki Way is an attitude of life, it goes beyond what your mind tells you when you are from a space of fear, guilt or obligation.

Meraki stands for passion, love, and inspiration. These values come from a different paradigm, beyond the mind the logic or what needs to be done for you to be loved and accepted by others.

How would your life be if you just chose to act from a space of pleasure and passion saying yes to what your body says yes to?

Trust your gut.

The mind will give you ways to avoid pain whereas your body and your heart will show you how to expand your awareness for more health wealth and love.

As an exercise practice being in the question:

What is true for my body now? What is my body telling me about this situation? What would freedom to now?

The second step after receiving guidance is to trust it and to take action,

To tune into inspired action make sure to go through the 3 steps of the Meraki Way free ebook.

After clearing yourself, your guidance will be clear and you will feel that all is good and in place.


Discover how to let go in 3 easy steps and create the life that you desire!

My motto is: "Every day do something to make your heart laugh". I help people get in touch with their "Meraki", a word that modern Greeks often use to describe "doing something with the soul, creativity or love". Meraki means putting "something of yourself". How do I do it? I connect heart to heart with people, through The Divine in a healing way. You can find me on FB,Linkedin,YouTube.