What is the Difference Between Intuition and Ego?  

intuition vs egoCan you tell the difference between intuition and ego?

Intuition is quiet. It requires stillness. It’s steady but unfamiliar.

While not based on human logic, it is detached and non-emotional. It has no judgments about anything at all. It just is. It’s, essentially, boring and alien.   In contrast, the ego is loud. It’s very loud. It’s deeply emotional and fear-based. I

t’s attached to protecting us from harm and keeping us safe, getting our needs met. It judges everything, constantly.

The ego will also always distract you from your true path with shiny objects that make you feel good at the moment but offer no lasting satisfaction or peace of mind — like drugs, alcohol, a new car, or relationship drama.

The ego is often confused with intuition because it can be a useful tool to help us navigate life (like when it tells us to get out of a bad relationship). But its loud voice can often drown out our true intuition knowing if we don’t know how to decipher between the two.

Ego vs Intuition – Where Should You Be Listening?

The ego: It judges people. It judges events. It judges your own behavior. It critiques your own self-image. It comments on absolutely anything and everything, making you feel good or bad about it, depending on what it thinks will help you protect yourself from danger or get your needs met.
The ego is always in action mode, responding to the environment and people around you, doing whatever it has to do keep you safe and have your needs met.The ego operates from a place of fear and control.

How to recognise the ego at work

It’s constantly trying to influence or control the environment around it, so that it can get its way (its way being one of protection and having its needs met).
Your ego doesn’t care about other peoples’ feelings — all it cares about is how you feel and how the environment influences your ability to meet your needs and avoid pain/danger.

How to recognize your intuition at work

Your intuition doesn’t operate from a place of fear or control. It doesn’t care whether you’re protected or your needs are getting met because it doesn’t operate in the realm of human emotion at all — as we stated above, it just works like a teacher that loves you without any kind of judgment. It often uses images, metaphors, real examples that you lived to show you the direction.


Intuition is calm
Intuition feels peaceful and right, the ego feels panic-y and wrong
Intuition is neutral and detached, ego is emotional and attached
Intuition is steady, ego is loud

Ego is based on separation and fear. Intuition is based on non-separation and love.
The ego can be helpful. It just doesn’t know its own limits or when to shut up and let the intuition take over.
Intuition is innate and natural, while ego-based thinking is learned.
The way to tell them apart is through repetition. One will keep going. Practice getting quiet to hear it.

When you know how to listen your life becomes easy, no more drama. You can enjoy more health, wealth, and love.

A “Meraki-lous” life, the one each one of us desires;)


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