Free Pass For Wealth : Flip The Scenario Of Your Story With One Single Step

What is your hidden story?

In this video, we are going to see how your hidden story defines the quality of your life and the level of fulfillment in a specific area.

1.  Choose an area you are struggling with. What is the level of fulfillment in this area?

2. Rate yourself from zero to ten, ten being the highest level of fulfillment and zero being the lowest level of fulfillment.

If your story is not empowering chances are you are creating mediocre results again and again. If you are sincere in wanting immediate exciting results, you better change your story now. In other words, behind the results that do not satisfy you, there is a hidden story that you might not be aware of. (You might not want to tell it to yourself to avoid pain).

3. Identify your limiting beliefs and the story that bring you these results. This is step 1 the Meraki Way Process.

Let us explore your scenarios:

Here are some examples of  the” victim” scenario:

Scenario 1: Focusing on what is wrong with you.

If you are someone who is generally prone to laying the fault on yourself, you’re likely to feel guilty, broken, or you might think you are a victim of external circumstances. Most probably you feel you are not enough, or that you are “too much”.

Example of stories: 

-I keep choosing the same business partners and as a result, I am not happy. Something is wrong with me and I wonder what.

-I wish I could have better results in my business, I have tried many things but nothing seems to work. I keep spinning my wheels.

-On the one hand, I want to change my situation on the other I am trying many things but I am not seeing any progress.

Scenario 2: Focusing on what is wrong with others.

If you’re someone who is more inclined to place the blame on others or on your environment, you might be a person that gets easily upset or disappointed. You do not trust the external world or you might think the world outside is dangerous and cannot be trusted. In that case, you might have a constant need to control others because you do not trust them.

Example of scenarios:

– What is wrong with everyone no-one seems to understand me no-one can meet my needs.

– All men are the same, no one is to be trusted.

– I’d better control everything around me I cannot trust others I do not trust myself in choosing the right friends, partner or associates.

What if none of these scenarios are true?

You are experiencing what is happening to you, based on the stories you are telling yourself. In the same circumstances think of people that have made it successfully. Life is NOT happening to you, you are the creator of your own reality.

So, what is in the way is YOU  (your perception).


  • What is an empowering story I could borrow from the people that have success in the same area?
  • Who would I be with zero points of view, around this issue?
  • What am I opened to receive from this neutral state?

Does it mean you have to fight your thoughts and emotions?

No, you just need to observe them and be curious about how you can now fill the gap between your negative feelings and your desire.

Emotions are not bad, they are the GPS of your system and they show you that of your story does not match the results you desire you just need to change something.

Your negative emotions are your Divine messengers:

If you identify with the actors of your story you are in the story and therefore you are stuck with the same results.

You have two choices:

  1. Change the perception you have about the same story by detaching from the old story taking a meta-position.
  2. Change the story altogether: what empowering story a successful person has to succeed? ( brainstorm various empowering stories)One of my favorite stories is: If someone else did it I can do it too.

If you change your story and the meaning you used to give to it, when reading the negative belief out loud, you just do not resonate with the story anymore. You feel detached and unconcerned.

If you scramble the words of your limiting belief or if you flip the old broken disc (scenario) , you allow yourself to be open to creating something different.

You have just let go of the old story and now you a ready to let in a new reality.

From this neutral position, everything becomes softer easy and possible.

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