Want More? Eliminate The Non-Essential

How to eliminate the non-essential and live a better life

Our society is built on a hedonistic and materialistic model that confuses fulfillment, happiness, and comfort.

We tend to buy objects, gadgets goods, and services we often overeat to anesthetize protect or entertain ourselves.

Sometimes we even overwork to hide from ourselves our essential needs of love and attention.

This puts us in a state of continuous stress and tension and the more we try to “comfort ourselves” the less fulfilled we are…. it’s a vicious circle!

We find it harder and harder to bear what the lack of comfort generates.

When this happens, we are in a trap of chronic stress and overwhelm feelings.

The question to ask is: who is really responsible for the stress we place upon your system?

What is the 1st step to take when you are ready to eliminate the non-essential?

We just need to be aware of what is the source of our stress  and replace the false belief that says:

“Things can never change for me”.

 We find it harder and harder to bear the lack of comfort.

Once we learn to be in charge of what really matters, the next step is to let go of the nonessential.

When you are present to who you really are you do not need anything, you feel full now and you experience the joie de vivre no matter the external circumstances.

Presence helps you to be aware to let the past in the past and stay present to who you really are.

From there everything becomes easy and possible. You are in the flow.

If you have identified this pattern of hiding behind material objects because you feel empty inside or because there is a need to feel loved that is not fulfilled yet, download this free ebook and identify the story behind your pain.



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