Using Food and Unhealthy Habits To Avoid Rejection In Your Love Life

fear of getting hurt and habitsAre you using work, or unhealthy habits to avoid rejection or disappointment?

There are many reasons why people resort to this unhealthy way of dealing with their feelings.
Here are 3 possible reasons why you might be experiencing this.

Some people feel that they are too demanding or need too much from others, so they use work as an escape for these feelings.

Others may not be able to cope with love because of their past experiences and they’re scared that it will happen again if they let someone in.

It’s also possible that you are scared of being abandoned or you are  afraid that you might lose love, so you try to numb your feelings instead.

And finally, some people , (maybe you?) may think it’s easier for them to avoid the issues by focusing on work, so it becomes a way of avoiding any kind of disappointment or betrayal.

What are you trying to avoid in your relationships?

The fear of being alone can make us make unhealthy choices.

Our relationship with food determines how we feel emotionally about ourselves.

We might stay in a relationship that does not make us feel fulfilled, or we might eat more because we don’t have someone to share a meal with.

Using food as a substitute for love

We’re all guilty of reaching for that bag of chips or ordering an extra slice of pizza when we’re feeling lonely. But there’s a growing body of research that points to loneliness as a risk factor for unhealthy eating habits.

Studies show that lonely people are more likely to choose fried foods, sweets, and desserts than people who aren’t lonely. They also report eating smaller amounts at each sitting than non-lonely people.

What will it take to be more aware?

In her TED talk, Brené Brown talks about the need to be loved and the ensuing paralysis from loneliness. She says that “we’re afraid of being seen and known,” but it’s this very process of letting go and showing up authentically that can actually lead to true intimacy and connection with others.

The process of healing your neediness or your feeling of emptiness is not an easy one but, with the Meraki Way process, it can be made simpler.
You deserve so much more than being alone.
You deserve someone who will be there for you and give you the emotional support that you need in order to heal your wounds.!

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