Turning Things Upside Down For a Change

Do not believe what you see instead choose a fresh perspective:

If what we see, hear and feel is the only reality we trust why are we surprised if most of us feel we are in prison?

What if the reality is something different than what we think it is?

What if we could change glasses and see life from a fresh perspective?

By seeing things from a fresh perspective we can choose to see that there is the possibility to see something more to life than separation, wars, misery, and depression.

Instead of asking ourselves “how can I change this bad situation?” we can choose to ask ourselves:

“What am I refusing to see that if I could allow myself to see I would perceive something different?”

Rumi says:

“When you feel peace and joy that’s when you are near truth”.

This is a bold statement for those of us that come from a place of “ I-see- the-glass-half-empty” believing that truth can only be equated with pain difficulty and struggle.

So, how can we turn the truth of what we think is true upside down?

  1. We are the only creators of our reality, so have 100% responsibility for what we create.
  2. The Divine is more than delighted to give us what we most desire the only thing that stops us from seeing it in our reality is the noise we have between our ears (our belief system).
  3. Acting from an inspired place and doing something new to change the statement “life is unpredictable and most of the times I have no control over it” to “what if I could create whatever I wanted easily and with grace each moment I choose to do so?”

From this point of view, we can create space for more love joy and freedom:

There are many tools you can use to turn things upside down when you need clarity and a better state of mind.

One of the quickest and most fun ways I use for myself and my clients is by asking a bigger question:

When focused with the “suchness” of what is you can play your way into joy by asking some of these questions ( these questions that have as a goal to make you change perspective and reach for the stars rather than make you chase after the right answer).

Here are some examples:

What is great about this that I had not thought about?

-What needs to happen so that I can see the magic I am able to create for myself and the others?

-What would Love do now?

As a matter of fact, when you ask a great question you always receive a great answer.

Since we are the creators of our reality when you think of your levels of prosperity in health, wealth and love you always have the freedom to choose.

if you have trouble turning things upside down for a change of state, contact me, I will be happy to help you.

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