Turn Your Stuckness State Into Freedom and Joy

You can turn your stuckness state into freedom and joy.
If you feel stuck, no one apart from you can fix this.
There is a strategy that you are using unconsciously that is not working for you.
If you want to find out what is happening behind the scenes of your conscious mind, drop me a mail and I will be happy to guide you.
Behind each negative feeling, there is a story you keep telling yourself and believing it.
The end of the story leaves you with a feeling of “not enoughness” and the illusion that nothing can be changed because you rely on what “reality” shows you.
You can change the feeling of emptiness inside in 3 easy steps:
1. Remember your mind is not telling you the truth:
The old disc repeating the same patterns can be broken using the steps 1 and 2 of the Chissenefrega free ebook.
2. Turn it over:
The moment you observe the negative feeling emerging, tell it ” I saw you” I do not believe what you are telling me, I am turning this negative story to the sender where it belongs. (Imagine sending the whole story back to the Universe).
3. Train yourself to be grateful:
Jot 3 things you are super happy and proud of in this very moment. Focus on these 3 things until you feel all is good.
The more you do train your mind to “consume” happy thought the more you will feel full and happy for no reason.
Guess what you are attracting when you are happy just for the sake of being happy?
More of the happy things you have already asked for.
Now that you are more aware of how your reality is created, you have to choose in favor of the happy thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that will help align you with what you want and therefore create what you love with ease and Meraki.


Discover how to let go in 3 easy steps and create the life that you desire!

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