Thinking When You Are At Zero Mental State Allows Creativity

Thinking when you are at zero mental state:

If you are in the middle of big changes in the areas of health, wealth or love you need to remember that every stuckness state is a transitory state that allows you to take a bigger leap towards the creation of what you want.

The elastic thinking that produces an idea or various options and solutions does not consist of a linear train of actions.

Sometimes ideas just appear from nothing.

The 1st step of the Meraki process that you find in my free ebook provides you with a 3 step tool that allows your brain to stop thinking ( step 3) so that you can conceive and create various ideas, concepts, and solutions related to one single goal you want to manifest.

Ideas, solutions, and genius, in reality, come from nothing, they all come from the infinite knowledge we all have in our unconscious mind.

The no-mind state that I teach is an easy way to bring your thinking process to a zero state so that you can clearly see what you are invited to see when you ask your wise  inner self:

“What is it important for me to see now?”

Before conceiving something new, we need to make sure we are calm, we have no inner noise distracting us and as a third step, that our intention about what we want to create is crystal clear.

In order to exercise creative thinking,  a result of elastic thinking demanded by our fast-paced rhythm of life, it is important to find at least 30 minutes per day during which we unplug.

Meditation, dancing, sleeping, writing, keeping a gratitude journal, allow our creative minds to flourish and to show us the solutions that are just in front of your eyes.

Living with Meraki is about being conscious of how your mind works and allowing more of these zero state moments because you trust that everything will be ok.

Neuroscientists tell us that breakthroughs arise from a dark part of our minds from the association and the recombination of what is already lying in the infinite knowledge of our unconscious minds.

If you are interested in learning how to clear yourself and allow your wise self to show you creative solutions to what you want to manifest in the areas of health, wealth and love, download the “Chissenefrega-Who gives a damn!” in Italian free Ebook by clicking here.



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