What If There is No Problem To Be Solved?

Let’s make the Law of Attraction work for you with this easy powerful tip:

Today we are going to see how the law of attraction that has been so much analyzed and assessed does not automatically give us more prosperity peace and joy.

I have written a lot of articles around the theme and today would like to offer you some new thoughts around that by giving you a way to simplify your life and to create more joy.

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The reciprocation effect:

Law of attraction is a universal law that states that like energies attract.

So in other words, if you have good thoughts, the universe will reward you with results that are as good, as positive and as clear as your thoughts. So, in other words, the law of attraction has a boomerang effect by attracting into your life experience what you would like to attract in your life.

The law of attraction is working for a lot of people but at the same time, a lot of people have difficulty in creating the results that they want even if they try controlling their thoughts. So this is why manifesting prosperity, love, joy, inner peace, wealth and health is not as automatic as the book ‘the secret’ shows us or as all the writings around the law of attraction states.

We all know and we have been told that everything around is energy.

This encompasses everything from the way we walk to the way others talk. So we also know that when you think of negative thoughts, this is exactly what the universe will send you back.

Does this mean that the people who have positive results in their lives are controlling their thoughts and are always thinking positively automatically?

I am not sure and I think it’s a simplistic way of stating how the law of attraction works.

Counterbalancing to defuse negativity:

Today I will offer you very simple ways to neutralize your negative beliefs that are coming in like a virus at the time when you want to think positively.

I will also tell about how you can neutralize this negative thinking so that you can be in the vibration of abundance prosperity love joy and peace.

We are always thinking of a mixture of positive thoughts and negative thoughts.

So how can we neutralize the negative thinking so that we can always vibrate at a very high level?

We can we lift our frequency to the level of love joy and peace so that we can attract more with it.

For this you can ask yourself a very simple question:

What if this issue was not a problem?

By asking this question you neutralize the conflict between the part of you that wants something and the part of you that fears to have what you want.

In step 3 of the chissenefrega exercise (  chissenefrega:who gives a damn in Italian) you learn to neutralize your inner conflicts.

Enhancing our relationship for a better outcome:

The second tip for you is to ask a powerful generative question.

What is the easiest path for more health wealth and love … for you now?

This question opens you to more possibilities and neutralizes the conflict between what you want and the fears that stop you from having it. So if you would like to have more tips around how to attract more prosperity and peace please feel free to join my FB Meraki community so that you can receive tips, exercises and invites to free events.

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