The Magical Revelations That Emerge From The Sound Of Silence

What is the sound of silence?

I have noticed that during my meditations while applying step #4 of my Meraki process I  hear a sound similar to the sound of fresh air or the sound of fresh air when I am in nature,  a sound similar to a delicate hum, soothing and always there when I focus on that it is impossible to be caught up in projections, thoughts or memories when the self is enjoying this no-mind space.

The storytelling of our mind that I refer to in step #1 of the Meraki process.

On the other hand, when I let go of focusing on the sound of silence, I notice my mind getting absorbed in the same old stories.

At that stage what I do is, “observe the observer” (You can find all these resources on my YT channel).

Observe the observer, the revelations that emerge are magical:

The lesson I receive from this experience is that focusing on the sound of silence is a quick and practical way to get back to presence, the infinite space of peace, truth, and joy.

You can experiment with it while being in a meditative state.

Simply stay in silence and observe the mind wandering with no judgment or analysis.

You will feel a sense of security as if the universe is supporting you.

At this stage you will be able to naturally flow in the receptive mode where you will receive inspiration, insights about your life with no effort at all ( step 5 of the Meraki process). The revelations are magical!

All the answers are in you.

Do let me know if what your experience has been with the sound of silence.

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