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What Would it Take For You To Create What You Want Without Knowing How?

How to have what you want without losing yourself in the process

What’s stopping you from having what you want

Three proven steps to get you well on your way to success

Date: 16th of March 2017

Time: CET 6:00pm ET 12:00pm

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  • Patricia showed me the way to bring to life the “super powered” woman I had in me and confront my fear of being “eaten” by the men’s world. In a few words how to take 100% responsibility of my life. I understood that the place for change was/is within me not the environment or any other person. Complete responsibility means accepting it all, even the people who enter your life and their problems are your problems. Now I truly believe that I can manifest and attract everything that is for highest good into my life.

    Alexandra Zerou
    Alexandra Zerou