Overcoming Loneliness: Shifting Mistrust Into Trust

Ilaria came to me asking me to help her with her feelings of loneliness and frustration.

She said:

I cannot trust anyone, people and specifically men perceive my mistrust and they do not trust me either”.

“I feel isolated and I want to create better and trusting relationships”.

In the way she perceives herself Ilaria has now learned to trust herself and she knows to recognize who and what to trust and who and what to stay away from. If you tend to see the world as a dangerous place and if you feel lonely not understood or loved this exercise is for you.

Powerful questions to ask yourself such as:

Why does that person want from this relationship with me? Is this person genuine or is he/ she trying to manipulate me? Is he just being friendly?

What is the point of this conversation / this relationship?

Clarity is power. And trusting your intuition is important too.

Make sure to arrive neutral and clear of your own prejudice before entering generalizing a priori, like Ilaria or a lot of us do before starting to communicate with someone.

Let me know what you are struggling with and I will be happy to help you let go of mistrust and expand your capacity to trust yourself even more and create better relationships with yourself and others.

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