How To Use The Ripple Effect of Gratitude

How would it feel to imagine, just imagine that what you most want is already yours?

By tapping into the feeling of how it feels to have what you want, you automatically align your vibration to the same frequency of what you want.

Imagine living in a space where a library of infinite possibilities is at the tip of your fingers.

Each time you visualize what you want by feeling the excitement of having it in your life you are easily tapping into the “right” vibration and the Universe is ready to hand you what you want.

The key here is to do this playfully.

Unattached expectation let alone obsession of having what you want brings about easily and effortlessly what you desire.

This is why it would be wise to desire with no attachment.

Let go of the idea of putting a specific date on your goal.

Instead, you can do a command by saying “ I already have xxx or I already am xxx.

The Universe knows when and how things are supposed to show up for the best of all concerned.

Practicing gratitude by paying it forward is a way of training your body and your emotions to feel already in the vibration of “plenty”.

The feeling of plenty brings about more plenty and the vibration of even more plenty brings about even more plentiful.

The spiral of abundance is built up automatically just by you choosing to focus your attention on the feeling of “plenty”.

When you use gratitude by savoring the moment of what is about to happen before manifesting what you want you are saying to the Universe:

Universe I am ready: bring it on.

You can choose to make an act of kindness by paying it forward.

What would you like to manifest now?

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