Relationships: How to Create A Deep Connection With The Power of Intention

the Meraki proceessCreating rapport is much more than telling your partner “ I understand you”.

  1. Love yourself first. Offering compassion to yourself by identifying your specific feelings and needs will put fuel into the “engine” into your heart so that you can dance with ease and grace while communicating with the other.
  2. Identify your feelings and your needs for you to feel safe, loved and appreciated in the specific situation. By writing down your feelings and needs it will be easier for you to figure out a strategy that works for yourself without necessarily needing the other to change so that your needs are met.
  3. Put yourself into the other person’s shoes, close your eyes and imagine to be them. How do they feel about this specific situation? What would they need to feel ok?
  4. Be inspired to write how you think they feel and imagine giving them all what they need now for them to have their “engine” charged as you did with yourself in step 1.
  5. Act with the intention of serving with the intention of giving love just for the pleasure of giving. When we act from this place of unconditional love we allow magic to happen. The energy “field” takes care of the solution naturally.
  6. Ask yourself: “What is good about this situation right now for me”? or “What could be good”“What could be even better for both of us”. Again take notes and make sure to be creative while doing this exercise.
  7. Remember while you have no control on how the others feel or act you have total control on how you feel and act and this is what makes the difference on what you create.
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