How To Receive Crystal Clear Answers By Tuning Into Your Divine Self.

One of the main issues that come up when working with clients is: “How can I trust my inner guidance and be sure I am on track?”

Most of the times we tend to think that guidance is outside of us when in the reality guidance and inner wisdom is inside of us.

The truth is you can connect to the Divine or Source energy and it is easy to hear it or see the inner images that answer your biggest challenges.

You can create a magnificent life, the life you have always dreamed of by starting with baby steps.

  1. Practice presence: When we let go of external reference points, slow down our inner chatter, we create the space of the “not knowing“. By relaxing in the present moment, we open the doorway to awareness and this is where the intuitive answers the inner guidance manifests itself. Quieting the mind although seems difficult, is a practice you can adapt by meditating 10 minutes a day. If you have a dilemma or a challenge, practice meditation and allow the inner guidance to give you the answers through images, feelings, and sounds. Learning to ask your body what it needs at the moment and just recognizing the need, creates even more space for clarity and wisdom.
  2. Turn down the volume of your inner voices: The inner voices while meditating are just fear based. Imagine to hold a remote control and lower the intensity of the voices. By focusing on your body and how it feels now you access more easily to your intuitive guidance that is always based on truth. Inner guidance is deeper than the fear-based inner dialogue and you CAN recognize it.
  3. Connecting with the Divine is easy: The more you practice the more clear the answers you allow, the more clarity you receive, the more you trust, the easier for you to manifest in the here and now what you want. All it takes is playfulness and willingness to just… try it! I share more of these details and tips in my new Ebook that you can download in my Homepage.

As you build your confidence and trust it will be easier for you to use your inner guidance to take the best decisions for you. Just remember to be gentle and patient with yourself.

Each symbol, image, sound, or feeling you receive even if it does not make sense right away will give you answers a few hours or days later when you just let go of wanting to know the specific meaning of what you received.

Staying with your eyes closed while receiving allows you to close the windows to the busyness of the outside world.

If you want to learn to manifest your biggest dream with easiness and joy I use a unique process based on my signature system that allows you to do just that!

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