Feeling Empty Inside? Remember That The Better It Gets, The Better It Gets!

What are you really afraid of when you feel empty inside?

What if others do not know or cannot feel the same way for you for their own reasons? Are you totally dependent on what they do or don’t? The truth is that you are loved in proportion to how much you love yourself. Yes, it’s the opposite!

Others feel empty inside when they do not have a relationship or when the relationships they are in is not ” perfect” as they would like it to be, in other words, they do not feel loved or connected.

The feeling of emptiness inside or the feeling of unconditional love is always an inside job.

The belief behind this illusion is that only if someone would love them only then would they feel loved and thus fulfilled.

Each time we put a condition that is outside of us, such a good intimate relationship, a perfect job, money, success etc… we are putting ourselves “in bondage”.

Inner emptiness or the feeling of fulfillment does not come from something external. The whole illusion comes from a scarcity mentality, a set of beliefs that are based on the fear of lack or other beliefs such as: ” I am not enough, I am not worthy, I do not have enough”.

If you want to feel love no matter the external circumstances, you can choose to do it now. Each time you feel you are protecting yourself controlling or analyzing your pain, you know you are in the fear/separation mode.

You can choose to restructure this feeling by connecting to your higher self with the intention of receiving love. With the intention of feeling the love in any situation, you are experiencing.

The magic of intention is that when you focus with all your resources towards the images sounds and feelings that make you feel one with everything and everyone around you, accessing to one these moments in your past when you were feeling perfectly in harmony with yourself and the outer world, the whole universe becomes your best friend and inner peace and manifestation of what you want is possible.

When you allow yourself to change focus you end up seeing life through the eyes of source.

You can change your experience to reality just by being in the now and savoring the eternal present.

The better it gets the better it gets.

When you recognize that something in your life is off, remember to ask:

What is one thing I love about my life?

The more you ask this question the more near you are in the pleasure zone, one step at the time until you feel in the flow.

You are a Queen/leader of your emotions and of the reality you create.


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