Reaching A Plateau In Your Business: One Easy Strategy To Reignite Success

Get rid of your frustration in your business or in your life easily:

When solo-professionals or heart business owners hit a plateau in their lives or in their business, the emotions that come up are the ones of frustration, denial, anger or procrastination.

From an energy healing point of view, or using the universal laws like the law of attraction, we create on the outside what we send as a signal.

Simple and obvious.

So what do YOU do when all these concepts are clear and yet the measurable results you get in your life or business are stagnant?

When all the efforts invested do not correspond to the amount of energy you have invested in your specific goals?

Here is an easy recipe you can copy on your desktop each time you know you need to change behavior and your emotions do not let you take action.

How to get rid of your frustration becomes a game when you experiment this tool again and again until you master it!

The truth is there are endless approaches in changing attitude and behavior, you may try this and tweak it so that it becomes a natural fit to your personality and needs.

Personally, I love quick durable changes.

 As an NLP master practitioner, one of my favorite tools is breaking the pattern of what is not functional anymore.

One easy strategy to reignite success

Let’s say that your goal is to work less earning more in your practice.

1) Identify the nonfunctional pattern you want to change.

For example, you want to work 5 hours per day 5 times a week instead of 8 hours per day 6 days per week.


You feel guilty if you do not work long hours.

Ask yourself:

What is the belief that holds you prisoner in this nonfunctional pattern?

When I healed this problem 1 year ago, I identified a root belief that said:

If I lose control of everything, I die

The visual images I was creating in my mind were “terrible” when we have beliefs that deal with death and you ask yourself how you picture in yourself in that dramatic situation, the feelings connected to these images can be devastating.

So, you know it is time to change it right away.

Step 2.

2) Identify the pattern you want to change it to.

In this step, you are invited to be specific to your goal.

What is the best belief you can think of so that you can reach your goal?

For example, you can choose a belief that says:

“The universe is my best friend it always supports me for my higher good”.

The new goal becomes more easy for you to believe:

“I now work 5 hours per day and earn 5000 dollars per month, I enjoy a balanced, healthy, fun life. Life is good!”

Step 3:
3) Raise your energy level.

This step is key.

Identify the emotions that are holding you back, the beliefs that do not serve you anymore and ask a friend or coach to help you out balance these positive beliefs.

Energy work when well done has immediate effects not how you feel. The positive results become measurable.

You get rid of your frustration on the spot and you feel a new space within which you now know you can create more of what you love.

4) Practice the new belief pattern.

Repetition is the mother of skill.

The right actions that will help you anchor the new behavior and pattern are key to your success.

80% of your success is defined by your mindset, the rest is technical stuff you can find easily and apply specifically in your business.

5) Fail without judging yourself!

The more mistakes you do while trying the new pattern, the better off you are with the results you create.

What are the results you are creating now in the specific area you want to improve using this new belief pattern?

Measure them compared to the ones you had before and congratulate yourself if you have already better results.

TIP: Whenever you catch yourself criticizing your performance because you think you are not perfect yet remember the anchor ” CHISENEFREGA”, who cares in Italian! Say it out loud and laugh about it!

6) Test your new belief in a new way

Imagine a role model that you want to be inspired from.

There is a technique in NLP called modeling when mixed with energy tools you immediately enter into the energy of the person you want to model and by asking a powerful question to your model you get the answers to step up and produce amazing results.

Test what you learn from the exercise and again try it in real life until you come up with what you want the way you want it.

Managing your energy and knowing where you are headed to, having a big why are 3 key steps to manifesting more of what you love on the spot.

Modelling helps you reprogram your mind having fun in the process and when coupled with the right actions to take that make you feel totally motivated, certain of what you are doing and with a big purpose you are ready to… dance with prosperity!

Discover how to let go in 3 easy steps and create the life that you desire!

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