Life Transitions In The Age Of Aquarius

Life transitions

Life transitions in the Aquarius age

We are entering the era of the Aquarius Age as many astrologers believe, which is a symbol of more inner freedom, creativity, and an opening to the new.

The Aquarius Age marks a transition into new ways of “being” within the evolution of humankind.

The ‘vibrational frequency of Earth has been steadily increasing, and we are currently shifting from the era of “doing more” to the era of “being who we are.

It has been foretold that we will be living fully in the Aquarius Age by the end of the year 2012.

But, exactly what is it that we are shifting to, what is the spiritual message for all of us?

To put it simply, we are shifting away from antiquated, fear-based tendencies and imagining an entirely new reality for ourselves; a reality based on hope rather than despair, of abundance rather than wanting, of peace rather than turmoil, of tranquility rather than unease, and of togetherness rather than polarization.

This is what prosperity is about, this is what abundance and freedom is about in the new era.

Even on individual, personal levels, we are experiencing monumental shifts as well.

Change is all around us, and now all we have to do to prosper is embrace our shift to a positive future.

How we go through life transitions be when we fear change?

To do this, we need to feel safe in letting go of the past.

The past represents for many of us a safety net, a comfort zone, reliable habits, and people we are accustomed to, and even if our personal relationships are not as fulfilling as we would like them to be, we often cling to them due to a fear of the unknown. You may want to check my post on emotional dependency.

The same thing often happens with a job that may not be our dream job; we just stay there because we know what to expect from the job, as we oftentimes fear the possibility of change.

This sense of security, even if we know deep inside that it is a pseudo security, is something we still cling to.

Fear acts as an excuse, as a wall that stops us from flying toward our dreams and living our passions to the fullest. Life transitions become easy when fear is transformed into inner freedom.

The universe sends us messages and we move along as if we did not hear them.

Until the messages become stronger and clearer, then from one day to the next we need to find a way to take action.

Letting go of fear is a process and can be learned easily, it is a strategy you need to take, as simple as this.

Where is the net when we are compelled to take action, when we have only one choice; the choice of letting go and experiencing something new?

We often think we may lose our identity, when we are with one foot in the past and another foot in the land of an unknown future.

So how can we be in the flow, when making an important transition from one country to another country, from a comfortable relationship to living alone, from a secure job to new professional opportunities?

It is in the space of life transitions that we need to re-frame what life is offering to us, what all this means to us, and to believe in ourselves and God.

What are the beliefs that serve you, when you are in the “gap?”

Here are some of the beliefs that have helped me, when I was experiencing a life transition and change and was afraid to let go:

  • “Everything is perfect as it is now”
  • “I trust myself and God for everything”
  • “It is easy for me to let go of my past; I’m manifesting peace and easiness now”
  • “I am open to receiving ideal people and events into my new life”

When the feelings of being trapped in fear occur, when you are caught between a desire to step forward and a hesitation to let go of your security net, then this is where coaching with NLP and energy work can help you overcome personal obstacles.

 3 questions you should address are when you are in a life transition:

  • What do I need to see, hear and feel now, so that I can attract more of what I love?
  • What are the beliefs that I need now, so that I can easily shift towards my new life with grace and joy?
  • How can I expand even more my capacity for love, joy and prosperity when I am about to explore a new world?

Feel free to add your questions and/or comments below this post.



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