Try My New Funny Italian Clearing Statement And Feel Free Now.

I just had a session with a client and during the session, Mary was stuck in love and money issues.

-“I want to change I am not happy, but I’m afraid that if I let go I might lose myself. I need to control myself and others.”

-“If I listen to my heart I might fail and I get hurt again”.

M. was still “buying her story” instead of seeing it was all made up.

The issue here was not the made up story, but Mary’s attachment to her story.

The 1st step of The Meraki process consists in writing your story and how you feel about it.

How do you know you are believing a “made- up” story?

When the feeling you have about a situation is a negative feeling, this is a sign that something needs to be addressed with love and compassion towards you.

In Mary’s case, there was another story in the story:

“If I let go of the story I have made up, I might feel lonely and I might not be able to survive”.

The story behind the story is the fear of losing oneself, a possible loss of identity.

By observing the story, M. found herself in a  “nothingness-state” and in the space of infinite peace.

Let go of all the stories by observing the pattern of  the “Russian dolls”:

When we reached step 2, the energy started changing, and at this moment BOOM! Mary got an aha moment.

The clearing magic word that helped her expand her awareness was:


This is a common fun word used in the Italian language that stands for who damn cares??

I asked her to repeat this word while looking at the small self-believing her story (step 2 of the process).

This may be right or this may be wrong, who cares…Chissenefrega!

This single word when repeated several times out loud shifts the energy right away.

You will feel lighter and lighter until the shenpa (the identification of the small self with the limiting belief) has no effect on you anymore.

This feeling of attachment to the uneasiness is a familiar feeling that when observed with love and compassion being in the now, dissolves like ice under a very warm sun.

The act of recognizing that she was hooked, allowed Mary to interrupt her own pattern and come back to the present moment where all her meets are met.

Break free from your own prison:

Mary just realized that by using this word like a command, she broke free from her own prison.

In prison, there is no money, no health and no love. And obviously, she wanted it all!

Mary. was living there for years! She realized she was focused on the past believing in her story.

Observe and let go of al the” sticky feelings” in one step:

Meditation and reprogramming the perception of “poor me” from a different position allows you to discern that all the story is just a ping-pong in your head among various actors.

With Step 2 from meta-position, there was no more drama, no more “victimism”, no more excuses.

What are you choosing for your life now?

So next time you feel negative emotions about your life, just step out observe your small self-telling the same story.

Observe it. No judgment.

Ask: Who am I without my story?

Stay in this energy and repeat, this is just a story I am choosing something different.

Who damn cares about this story, who cares, who cares ….. or Chissenefrega!

This clearing statement works like a magic wand when said at the right moment, with the right energy, wakes you up and aligns you with who you really are.

An infinite being creating infinite realities.

My question to you:

What are you choosing? Your inner  “prison” or the real You?


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