Discover how to move forward with more clarity and confidence!

If you feel stuck in life or in your relationships and you want to make a big change in your life — a new relationship, a new job or even a health challenge — and you’re fed up with second-guessing yourself, this guide will help you move forward with more clarity and confidence.

I wrote this guide as a resource to help new clients get started with my signature coaching program, The Meraki Way™, but you can use it on your own, too.

Meraki is a word that modern Greeks often use to describe doing something with soul, creativity, or love — when you put “something of yourself” into what you’re doing, whatever it may be.

My take on Meraki is that being in the state of joy is the way God reminds you who you really are. In other words, when you let go of your story, what remains is joy.

let go of fear of intimacy

Enjoy more health, wealth and love

by putting the past in the past and getting present to who you really are

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The Meraki Way™ process helps you shift from…

Feeling confused and stuck in life. Moreover, it will show you how to make the best decision in your intimate relationships.

My 3-step-process helps you achieve clarity on what you want and creates it for you, as well as gives insight into your fears.

Fear of taking a risk or even experimenting with different options at work, fear of being lonely, are all feelings that even the most successful women experience in their everyday lives.

Loneliness is also one of the most common triggers for anxiety-it can be triggered by both physical separation from loved ones and emotional detachment from them which often comes with feeling lost without guidance during difficult moments in life.

When you see what is, without judging it or yourself as being “wrong”, you have the opportunity to see possibilities for new loving relationships or opportunities.

The Meraki process has helped me to RE-connect with myself and to Love myself again in my essence and unconditionally. I have discovered my talents and gifts and now I want to serve with love and Meraki !!”
— Alessandra Stefanotti

“The meditations are fantastic for me and they are helping me to free myself and clear myself of old patterns, blocks and life flows more easily … helped a lot … Thank you all, it was really a fantastic experience.”
— Grazia Oggiano

“It worked perfectly, I overcame my fear of flying and my need for perfectionism in all areas of my life …and I have already planned to go to the Maldives in November. This path with Patricia is very amazing!”
— Jenny Benz

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