Love, Freedom and Joy: Awaken The Genie Inside of You

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Why manifesting your desires can be easier than what you think:

How many times have you tried to manifest a desire by chasing the emotions attached to it as if the emotions themselves are the things responsible for manifesting what you truly want?

How does manifestation work at best for you using your unconscious and your conscious mind in an easy and practical way?

One of my the tools I help my clients with is called the  S.P.I.R.A.L.(TM) a  6 step process helps you to easily:

1.clean up the old deep-rooted beliefs bringing you in a state of neutrality.

2.ask and receive what you want in the fields of health wealth and love.

How does manifestation work?

All of us have a Genius inside of us the only difference is that we are stuck with 2 beliefs:

1. The belief that we cannot be, have or do what we most desire.

2. The second belief is that we insist on being right about it.

What if there are infinite possibilities you have never imagined up until now?

What would you be willing to change if you knew the Universe has been,  is and will always be on your side?

The truth is that the experience of manifestation is an experience you have already because all that you have materialized up until today is the product of your beliefs that you deserve it and that you can have it. Manifestation is a natural process that all of us have experienced and experience each moment in our lives.

The gap between desiring more health, wealth and love and not having it is just one thought away.

By asking a generative question you can now change the perception of who you are and of what you can create.

For example,  when stuck with an issue you can ask yourself:

Who am I being without my fears?

What would an infinite being do now?

Maybe you have been trained to manifest the things that you do not want just because you are unaware of the automatic pilot that takes over when you say you want something around health wealth or love and you keep manifesting the same reality.

The good news is that if are really committed to change or improve one aspect of your life you can!

And you can do it easily.

I have created a simple 6 step process on the basis of my signature system where you are guided to use your inner Genie to create what you really want with effortless ease and joy.

In the next article, I explain how my S.P.I.R.AL.manifestaion model works one step at the time.

dancing-with-the-divine_-bringing-fun-light-and-chocolate-to-lifeIf all this resonates with you I’ll be happy to offer you a free conversation to explore the issues that keep you stuck and how the model can help you live in freedom love and joy.Stay tuned,

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