Love, Freedom and Joy: Awaken The Genie Inside of You (Part 2)

In my previous article, I introduced the basic concepts of energy manifestation.

In this article, I am giving you a brief description of how it works.

How does the SPIRAL game work? 

S: Set  specific goal and intention

You need clarity on what you want and you need to be specific. The enthusiasm in designing your goal, writing about it, speaking about it create a magical energy field that shifts your energy system. Your magic wand is already at work with the power of intention. Your goal needs to have fuel the energy that makes the heart sing that fills you with love and gratitude just my imagining yourself into it. The Universe that is in you can only match your intention. This is law. Same attracts same.

P: Program your mind:

The second module of the S.P.I.R.A.L process is about programming your mind.

The fears, judgments, computations, decisions, fixed realities inherited from others or unconsciously created by yourself during childhood are in the way.

This “invisible wall” yet real because it is made of energy just as your positive thoughts are, stops you from seeing what you want in the here and now. What we most fear is not the fear of failure but the fear of being successful. You can choose to fly only if you do not fear to fall.

The other modules of my spiral model help you step by step to use your intuition, receive without feeling guilty, act from inspiration and let go.

I. Intuition:

use your intuition your inner guidance to make the right choices for you and move from an old timeline to another easily and with joy. We often struggle to recognize when the message that we get is given by our rational mind or by our inner guidance. Recognizing the Magic that is in you is the goal of the S.P.IR.A.L game. Asking and receiving is easy and playful.

R. Receiving:

We think we know what receiving means where in reality we stop ourselves from receiving because we are afraid that if we receive more than we think we ought to, the risk is to be cut off from our families, peer group, and friends. The fear of being too much because we have said yes to the BIG DREAM is another way we unconsciously up limit ourselves, again playing not to lose rather than playing to win.

A: Act.

There are two types of action: the action that comes from an energy of constriction or obligation and fear and inspired action.

The most effective kind of actions is the one that comes from an inspiration  (in – spirit): This kind of action is easy and is inspired by the flow you are in.

The simplest way to determine if you are inspired to do something is to ask yourself: Am I doing this because I love it, because I feel driven or because I have to? Am I acting to avoid pain or am I acting and exciting because it feels natural to do so?

L: Letting go.

This is the most important module after the S module.

Knowing what you want does not mean you need to obsess about it to make it feel more real.

Who are you being when you consciously choose to let go of attachment, expectations, and neediness?

What do you need to believe to make this possible?

The Genie in you brings you the goodies only and if you let go of the need to receive what you want the way you want it.

Choosing to love yourself unconditionally in the place of “not knowing” is what allows the Universe and the infinite potential of who you are to bring you what you desire with free love and joy!

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Freedom, Love, and Joy: Awaken The Genie Inside of You. 

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