Important Signs He Is Emotionally Immature And Why You Should Run

How to recognize an emotionally immature partner and how to deal with it for a start?

If you are dating an emotionally immature man, (a man-child) you may not know what to do.

Here are common behaviours of an emotionally immature man to look for.

  1. You are tired of being ignored by him.
  2.  He cuts you off midsentence.
  3.  He doesn’t listen to you when he does talk.
  4. He doesn’t ask about your day or how’s your life going…
  5. He treats you like a “side-dish”, you feel invisible and not important to him.

Emotionally immature men are often drawn to emotionally mature women because they are insecure about themselves and having a mother or a guide in their lives is very handy to them.

Most of these types of guys are quite immature because it takes a lot for them to admit their mistakes. There is a dance that these 2 personalities enter in, the taker and the giver. Quite logical, isn’t it?

The key here is to trust your gut at the very beginning of the relationship before you get emotionally caught up before it is difficult for you to say “enough” and run away.

When it comes to dating, what you see is not always what you get. The first impression might be wrong and as time goes by, you will notice the red flags. And this is where trusting your gut is very useful.

Is he a “Peter-Pan” or a “Peter-man”?is he a peter pan or a peter man

If a man is immature or has a “Peter-Pan” syndrome, it could be an indication of a bad long-term relationship or marriage to come.

It’s important that women know the signs of an unhealthy relationship and take a step back before they go too far – emotionally and physically.

If you’re not looking for a guy who’s going to cheat on you, lie to you or be inconsistent, then stop wondering and find the right one instead. Just run!

With the plethora of dating apps today, it can be difficult to find a partner who is emotionally mature enough to handle the responsibilities of a relationship.

But it doesn’t have to be so hard! I am showing you how to do it at the end of this article with the masterclass I offer for free, for a limited amount of time.

 Here are 15 signs that you’ve found a man capable of sustaining a healthy, long-lasting relationship.

1) He is proactive about his career and future financial stability. He loves speaking about new projects and he is not afraid of taking healthy risks in business.

2) He values your opinion about what he does and does not do.

3) When he sees other men interacting with other women in an inappropriate way, he speaks up!He has a natural sense of justice.

4) He is motivated to make sure that your needs are met

5) He respects your opinion even if he disagrees with you

6) He makes sure you are on the same page when it comes to take important decisions

7) He is conscious about his pain points and if he sabotages himself he asks for help

8) He wants you to be happy and successful and he is your best fan when you want to start a new project

9) He agrees to disagree with others keeping calm and cantered!

10) When he makes a mistake, he apologises easily and makes up for the mistake in a kind and in a loving way!

11) He walks his talk (if he commits to doing something he behaves accordingly).

12) He puts boundaries and respects other people’s boundaries (including yours).

13) He has a healthy way of seeing things and is always open to learning more

14) He is not addicted to alcohol or substances he loves his body and he values health and balance. He rarely speaks about his exes and most of all he does not compare you with women of his past

15) he never forces things or opinions on to you, he gives you space and freedom to be who you are.

Why should you run away from an emotionally immature guy

Emotionally immature men are not worth your time. They show little interest in growing emotionally and can’t commit to a long-term relationship.

If you’re looking for someone who is ready to be a partner and share your life with, then this type of guy is not for you.

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