How to Reinvent Yourself and Rewire Your Brain for Intimacy

How to reinvent yourself and rewire your brain for intimacy?

how to overcome fear of intimacy

Through acceptance, all pains will turn into freedom.

The well-known poet Rumi says that pain is the medicine to freedom.

If we feel pain, it means our heart is worthy of greater love.

When we fear letting others see who we truly are, we create a barrier, a false self to protect us from being rejected or compared to others.

We conceal our vulnerable feelings by impersonating someone else.

Fear of intimacy and philophobia

Philophobia is described as intense and irrational anxiety, coupled with persistent avoidance behaviours, regarding the forms of interpersonal relationships characterizing adult love, such as marriage or real friendly relationships.

Women may fear that they are not attractive anymore because they believe that they don’t look nice or think men will be disappointed when they do start a romantic monogamous relationship. Women also feel insecure because they are afraid of being hurt again or having their heart broken again.

Any woman can overcome her fear if she is committed to change.

Working on her core beliefs and her unconscious fears, she can be treated respectfully next time by a loving and caring partner who will deeply appreciate her in every beautiful curves of her body even if she gained some unwanted weight since their last breakup.

fear of intimacyWhat causes a fear of intimacy?

Rullo says that difficult life experiences, not something you are born with, often cause a fear of intimacy.

Abuse or neglect from caregivers or close people in your life, a fear of being abandoned, or a fear of being controlled by others, for example, are all possible causes.

There are many ways to express intimacy avoidance, such as:

Problem 1:

We stay in our comfort zone and never challenge ourselves, thus don’t have to feel.

Problem 2:

We take on too many tasks but we always escape by keeping an emotional distance, even if working with people is required.


Running away from emotional experiences is often prioritized over working on personal growth which ultimately leads to what Rullo calls emotional inertia.

  1. NVC can assist you in identifying your emotional patterns and loving yourself unconditionally if this rings true for you.
  2. Using NLP, you can scramble your fears and start making new choices, thus expanding your ability to create mutually beneficial relationships in line with your needs and values.
  3. By using EFT, you can overcome your emotional blockages.I have developed a set of tools to assist women in recovering from their broken hearts.


Working quickly with clients who are ready to let go and discover their potential is what makes my heart sing.

I use a wide assortment of methods to produce significant alterations. How do I decide which tool is appropriate for which individual? It is decided by intuition and expertise. I am just a channel. Are you prepared to heal from your past and dance with love again?

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