How To Manifest A New House Using The Law Of Attraction


If your mind can imagine it, you can conceive it and create it.

In this short video, I briefly describe how I have manifested my dream house.

Why can we manifest a parking spot and not our dream house??

My Meraki process can help you in 3 easy phases:

1. let go of your fears and doubts ( a 3 step process described in my free Ebook).

2. conceive what you want by imagining, planning, and designing your dreams, in this case, it was a dream house ( phase 2 of the Meraki process)

3. create what you want on a specific date, with a specific budget. (Phase 3 of the Meraki Process)


Download my free Ebook here, and get started with the 1st phase of the Meraki Process.

Discover how to let go in 3 easy steps and create the life that you desire!

My motto is: "Every day do something to make your heart laugh". I help people get in touch with their "Meraki", a word that modern Greeks often use to describe "doing something with the soul, creativity or love". Meraki means putting "something of yourself". How do I do it? I connect heart to heart with people, through The Divine in a healing way. You can find me on FB,Linkedin,YouTube.