How To Heal Your Broken Heart And Live Life At The Fullest

Can you heal your broken heart changing perspective?

The best way to heal your heart is to stop chasing people who are not worth your time
You need to change your perspective about the person who broke your heart.
If you are still holding onto them, it means that you still have not healed. The question that arises is :

How can I do this now, without opening hours on self help books, dating apps, meditation or hours of personal growth?

and…Without feeling like a failure?

Practice presence:

To start practice presence by acknowledging what you feel and saying to yourself:

I feel sad, I feel a sense of loss or betrayal, I feel lost….etc… Writing your feelings down helps you put order in your mind about how you feel and this is a great start to allow your heart to heal.

Bottari believes that when we validate our feelings by thinking them through, we can start to rethink and learn to control them and thereby find peace.

Non violent communication helps us to navigate through and huge array of feelings and needs and the fact of ” sitting with them” allows us to expand our capacity to forgive ourselves for the choices we made in the past and to feel lighter about the situation we arguing through.

Presence is a powerful moment where your consciousness takes over your body. It could be the result of an experience or when you are trying to stop yourself from crying in public.

Unlike grief, presence is temporary by nature. When people are grieving, they are unable to change their emotions because they are stuck in that same issue.

The next time someone tells you that you deserve better, remember that’s true!

Loving yourself is the most important present you can give yourself .. .always.

Changing perspective:

Have you ever tried looking for the good qualities and the good person hidden inside the person who broke your heart, but end up finding more reasons to be mad at them?

The truth is that we all have things that we need to work on or change, but the value of the person who broke your heart is based on how they treat you as opposed to how they look like.

If we want to heal our hearts we need to stop chasing people who are not worth our time.
We need to learn from the choices we made and move on.
We need to focus on what we should do right now instead of thinking about what could happen in the future if we don’t make any changes.

Take a leap and stop feeling sorry.Living at the fullest, living with Meraki is a choice only you can make, now!

What is one step you can take today towards your healing process?

Discover how to let go in 3 easy steps and create the life that you desire!

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