How To Eliminate Negative Thoughts And Prosper

Four easy tips to eliminate overwhelm

Have you ever found yourself waking up in the morning and feeling that you don’t want to do anything around your goals today?

Have you found yourself resisting any movement towards your goals?

Usually, you carry a plan, an idea or at least a few thoughts to head towards your goals but on this particular moment, you don’t feel like acting towards your business goals or your life goals.

Result: You feel easily overwhelmed!

What is happening in your system when you are in this status quo system when you are in this status quo position?

What happens in your mind and your body when you do not have any motivation?

You know rationally what you need to do and where you need to go but there is a part of you which is resisting this action. So how can we heal from within this part that is resisting action and is resisting doing anything without getting the desired results?

Here I have some tips for you today because this feeling is something that I have encountered in my life and the lives of my clients when they are undergoing important transitions in their lives who feel easily overwhelmed and who have seen measurable results when healing from within.

Rejuvenate for a renewed outlook:

My first tip for you is to take a break.

One might wonder how one can take a break when he or she is already feeling paralyzed. When we overdo things our body and system needs a break.

When we wake up not wanting to work towards our goal it’s a clear sign of the body needing a break.

One should ask his own self and introspect whether he needs a break in this point of time to make a fresh start later which would increase his productivity.

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Congratulate yourself for each step taken:

Another tip is to start small.

If you have a huge goal and you know all the things that you need to do in order to achieve it, divide the goal into many mini goals.

Split your goal into smaller mini-goals because sometimes a tiny effort towards the goal can be just the requisite push that you need to give yourself.

If you find yourself having the reluctance to work towards your goal, do a tiny thing towards the goal and make sure you reward yourself at the end of the mini goal.

Because rewarding yourself gives you energy and it’s a way of telling your system that it’s fine not to be working diligently towards your goal.

Break from the shackles of monotony:

A third tip is to change your routine and to break the pattern.

For example, if you have been doing meditation for 30 minutes because that is something that you have been doing for a part of your life.

Try something new and experiment with things that you haven’t done before. Our body needs change and break and a change in the routine provides the requisite diversity to it.

Self-confidence is the key to success:

A fourth tip is to tell yourself that you are perfect the way you are.

You need to tell yourself that it’s OK not to be perfect and that you are perfect the way you are.

This way you will accept your imperfections and feel at greater ease with yourself.

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