How Fear of Flying Is Tied to Fear of Success And How Can You Improve

Overcome fear of successHow fear of flying is tied to fear of success ?

Fear of flying is not an uncommon phenomenon. Intercontinental flights are known to be the most fearful by far.

Going from one continent to another requires leaving comfort zones, meeting new people and enjoying a new environment. Fear of flying is often more evident during take-off and landing because the thought of being airborne raises many concerns: not being in control, the unknown, returning home.

No wonder that many people are delayed or cancel their flight at the last minute, sometimes because they’re afraid that they can’t manage to board the plane successfully.

Fear of flying | why fear is a gift

Fear of success is the common thread between fear of flying and fear of success.

Fear is the most misunderstood emotion on planet earth.

Most people view fear as something that is bad, negative and something to be avoided. Fear is a good thing. Fear is our signal that something needs to change in our life. We have a choice when it comes to fear, we can either ignore it or we can take action to overcome it.

If you have a fear of flying or a fear of success, your fear is pointing out that there is something missing in your life. The freedom you desire (either the freedom of flight or financial freedom) requires that you take certain actions in order for you to experience the freedom you desire.

You must step out of your comfort zone to overcome your fears and experience the freedom you desire.

Fear can be perceived as a gift it is the feedback your body gives you to show you where you can expand your capacity to create more health, wealth and love!

Freedom means responsibility

Freedom Means Responsibility. Responsibility is described as an ability to respond. (Response- ability).

When you know how to respond to your triggers you are free and from there you can conceive and create more good stuff for you and the others.

Fear is a distraction that stops you from being who you really are: A divine being making a human experience, and it’s the only thing that stops you from achieving your dreams.

Fear is an illusionary emotion, it is a false belief that we are not in control of our lives.

Fear is just an illusionary emotion that prevents us from reaching our full potential.

Fear can be described as an emotion or feeling triggered by an expectation of pain or danger. In reality there is no real danger, everything is safe. Fear comes from the past and projects it into the future based on past experiences. The future doesn’t exist, there’s only the present moment which gives you access to the infinite intelligence of your soul and the universe.

The word fear has its origin in old English word “faer” which meant danger, apprehension. Fear triggers a flight or fight response and reduces performance. It makes people freeze up like deer caught in headlights because they are overwhelmed by their own thoughts, worries and anxieties.

“The pleasure we derive from journeys is perhaps dependent more on the mindset with which we travel than on the destination we travel to.” Alain de Botton

The common thread between fear and success

The common thread between fear of flying and fear of success is that they are both irrational and false expectations about reality.

The word fear has its origin in old English word “faer” which meant danger, apprehension. I like to play with words, meanings and perception. What if Faer is an acronym for FARE which mean act upon now?

This play of words can change the way you perceive fear. The moment you see fear as an opportunity to act on something, it will no longer be a reason to hold yourself back from doing something.

This is a common theme in my workshops. Whenever someone talks about their fears, I ask them to flip the question and find out what would happen if they did take action. In all cases, the outcomes are not as bad as feared, yet the person never took action because of fear of failure.


When you are present and grounded in the infinite, that is being. There’s no insecurity, or fear of flying or success to deal with. It’s the end of struggle, meaning that you don’t have to worry about the plane traveling hundreds of miles per hour through the sky, for example. You know that it won’t crash because your subconscious mind knows. Everything is here to serve you.

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