How Does Your Body image Affect Your Intimate Relationships?

Women's self-esteem is often tied to their bodies and appearanceHow does body image affect your intimate relationships?

Women’s self-esteem is often tied to their bodies and appearance.

It can be hard for us to feel confident, sexy, or attractive in the intimate relationships we have with our partners.
This problem can be solved by feeling secure in one’s own skin and practicing self-love.

Self-love and body awareness unlocks the doors of joy and intimacy

Self-love and body awareness  would make women more confident and possibly lead them to change how they perceive themselves.

The solution becomes obvious and easy to solve:

Self-image plays an important role in women’s relationships.

Women who are confident in themselves, who love themselves, and who like the way they look are more likely to be successful at work and in their relationships.

We are all  are bombarded with messages that tell us all the ways we need to change our physical appearance.

We’re shown how to change our hair, lips, nose, skin color, breasts, hips, and everything else.

These messages make us feel like we should be dissatisfied with ourselves because of how we look.

Truth is that you should never let anyone make you feel bad about yourself because of what they see on the outside.

We are not born with the notion of body image.
It is something that is learned.
Body images are taught to us by society, family, friends, and the media.
Body image has a profound impact on every part of our lives.We might think about ourselves more negatively or positively throughout the day based on our thoughts about how we look in a mirror.Body-image issues can lead to eating disorders, depression, lower self-esteem, and other mental health problems.

The older you get, the more important it becomes for you to learn how to love yourself unconditionally- even if it seems impossible at times.

We often forget that we are not alone on this journey of life.

It is important to seek love from within to live a happy, healthy, and successful life.

Self-love opens the doors to more health, wealth, and love.

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