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“What you seek is seeking you”. (Rumi)

Knowing what you want is at the basis of creation.

Having clarity of what works for you and your life purpose is key to manifesting more of what you want.

I have experimented with this easy Chakra manifestation exercise and when the focus is on the heart Chakra, the feeling of relief and joy are immediate.

You can watch a quick video, a powerful video about root Chakra manifestation as well and a simple breathing exercise.

After clearing yourself with this meditation I would suggest you ask your heart what it desires, now at the moment.

When I speak about clarity, I mean that it is important for you to have a clear image of your desire but most of all you need to check with your body if there are no residues of old programming running in your system,

This is one of the aspects I help my clients within the 1st stage of the Meraki Way process, the clearing phase.

There is no point in wanting something new if you are still held back by old unconscious beliefs, habits, judgments or patterns.

It would be like putting fuel in a beautiful Mercedes with old rusted parts in its engine.

My 1st suggestion would be for you to go and do the 3 steps exercise from my Ebook:

” Chissenefrega! 3 Steps for clearing resistance to health, wealth and love”.

After you have gone through the whole process checking out that you are in the Chissenefrega mindset (no attachment whatsoever) I would suggest you check again with your inner self, with your body to see if all the limiting beliefs and memories have been swept away 100%. When you will be visualizing your desired goal, if you still have some negative emotions, doubt or fear, this is a sign that you need to go back to the ebook and start the step 1 exercise until you attain the no-mind-state.

How do you know you are unattached to the end result?

You can know this just by asking yourself:

“Will I still be totally happy, free and full of joy if I do not achieve this goal?”

If the answer is yes then you are unattached to the end result and therefore the chances for you to create what you love with an action plan that works for you are very high.

You might find yourself in the right place at the right moment. (This is how the law of attraction works).


In a nutshell:

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