Create Instant Health With The Spinning NLP Tool And Dance With Meraki

Here is a new NLP tip on health for you:

Step 1:

Direct your focus of attention to your body. Notice your internal bodily sensations and the images associated with this feeling.

My client Mary was seeing a fire, color red 30 cm high with the flames moving upwards.

Step 2:
Think about what you are fearing and notice the movement of that feeling (it will probably start in your heart chakra or your stomach and move upwards towards your head). In the case of Mary’s fear, she felt the feeling coming from her throat to her mouth from the bottom upwards.
This is very subjective there is no wrong or right image or sensations that represent one’s fear.

Each one of us has a unique strategy to “do” fear,

Step 3:
Using your power of imagination take this feeling out of your body and in your mind’s eye see it spinning in front of you like a wheel. on a white screen. Mary saw the ball of fire spinning in front of her.

Step 4:
Then imagine what color it is and change the color to something more pleasing.
Make it more pleasing and again use your imagination to make it pleasing and even fun and exciting.
Mary saw it turning into orange, light blue-grey and white.
She then imagined tiny stars that would connect her to spirit so that she would be inspired while speaking to her audience.
you can associate your favorite song with this new image and spinning wheel.

Step 5:
Then reverse the direction of the spin perhaps by turning the wheel upside down so that the wheel is spinning in the opposite direction directly in front of you.
use your hands and spin the new colored wheel in a new direction
Sing the song while doing so!

or put it in the background while doing the exercise

Step 6:
Then pull the spinning wheel back into you.

Step 7:
Continue spinning the feeling in the opposite direction. The feeling should now be moving down through your throat into your chest and tummy ie down instead of up.

Step 8:
Spin the feeling faster and faster until it reduces and/or eventually disappears.

Now imagine yourself in the future in the desired situation and measure your feelings.
If you feel ok, neutral this means that what you did worked.

You can repeat this exercise several times to make sure the healing is anchored in your body.

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