Healing vs. Curing: What is The Difference ?

Difference between healing and curingWhat is the difference between healing and curing?

How come traditional medicine can’t always give us freedom from it?

Our physical health mirrors our limiting beliefs. In changing our beliefs we can change for life.

People commonly attribute small pains, especially chronic pains, to the process of ageing.

We say our pain is related to our age, an undeniable truth.

All physical creatures respond to pain according to their explanation of the cause of that pain. For example, one might rationalize rheumatic pain by saying,“I live in a city where the rate of humidity is very high and after all I am in my forties. It’s normal to have rheumatic pain. What can I expect?”

We react to the facts of our environment, even if they no longer have bearing on our situation.

How does healing work?

Many experiments have been made with animals where the conditioning of the environment determines the behavior of the tested group. For example, when two groups of fish in an aquarium are separated for two days by a glass panel and then the panel is removed, fish from one side still will not enter the territory of the other group of fish.

For a person to get rid of chronic pain, she or he needs to hear the message the pain is giving her. This message is the belief she needs to identify and get rid of to be set free both physically and emotionally.

In my practice I work with EFT ®, Psych-k® and Theta Healing® tools to determine the root beliefs that keep the pain alive. I work with these tools until the client is “awakened” and freed from pain once and for all.

The common obsessive thoughts of “I can’t heal myself” and “I am alone” are the most significant barriers between you and your immediate healing.

Paying attention to our inner guidance, which is bigger than ourselves, is the first and most important step to bodily wisdom and health.

If we can get past our collective cultural blindness, our bodies will offer possibilities that we never imagined before.

The three-month coaching package I offer called “Laser Health Coach Package” deals specifically with chronic pains that no medicine has ever been able to cure.

The program has long lasting results, contact me to learn more.

What will you do next time you have a head-ache for example? How can you ” hear” the message your body is offering?

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