Are You Done With Being Stuck? Watch This Short Video And Get Unstuck in a Few Easy Steps

“What we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do.”
(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

In this video, I am explaining and sharing the 3 steps of the 1st phase of the Meraki process.

If you are done with being stuck telling yourself the same thing again and again, and feeling lousy and miserable about your finances, your health or your intimate relationships start doing this exercise.

Watch this video and with pen and paper, stop the video after each step and take notes.

It is important that you tell yourself the truth, the whole truth with no fear of seeing things you perceive them now.

Once you release the whole story with all its’ consequences, you allow a new space from which you can conceive and create something new.

Maybe you want to make a big change like changing home or country or leaving your job, starting a new carrier and you are afraid to take a big step because you fear the unknown.

Or maybe you want to let go of something that feels “heavy” like a relationship because you value security more than you value your freedom.

Perhaps the thought of failure or the fear of being humiliated holds you back and you are currently giving into fear and letting it take away from your inner freedom, joy, and health.

Is it worth it having an unhappy and unstable life just for a … thought that holds you back?

If you want to have a breakthrough around health, wealth or love, if you want to change something that feels “broken” and you do not know where to start, the first steps of the 1st phase of my process will guide you to feel clear and to change the way you feel about yourself and what to do next (phase 2 of my process).

Choose wholeness instead of doubt.

If you are interested in lowering the level of doubt and you honestly want to do something to change your current situation contact me here.

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My motto is: "Every day do something to make your heart laugh". I help people get in touch with their "Meraki", a word that modern Greeks often use to describe "doing something with the soul, creativity or love". Meraki means putting "something of yourself". How do I do it? I connect heart to heart with people, through The Divine in a healing way. You can find me on FB,Linkedin,YouTube.