Fear of Intimacy: The 3-Minute-Stress-Free Guide.

let go of your fear of intimacy in 3 easy stepsWhat is fear of intimacy and how to heal your heart from it?

Fear of intimacy is a common problem faced by many people not only women. This phobia can make it difficult for you to get close to others and form healthy intimate relationships. It can also lead to relationship difficulties, depression, and low self-esteem. This may seem like an insurmountable obstacle, but fear of intimacy is not impossible to overcome. By following these steps,  and by using NLP to change your fear you can find immediate relief from your fear of intimacy in just a few minutes!

What do we mean by intimacy?

Intimacy is defined as a close and usually sexual relationship between two people. It can be romantic, such as in a marriage, or platonic. The fear of intimacy can stem from many things, such as childhood trauma, an abusive partner, or an upbringing where you weren’t allowed to show feelings.If you have this fear, it may feel like the only way to avoid intimacy is to avoid relationships entirely—but there are ways to overcome it!

How to overcome your fear with a quick NLP tool

There is a powerful  NLP tool that can help you overcome your fear of intimacy.  I call it ” scramble” and it is the basis of the first module of my  3- step-Meraki process. You can test your fear of intimacy and transform it by downloading your ebook here.

On a conceptual level, NLP works by changing the way you think about your problem. The following exercises will teach you how to use NLP to improve your life and relationships with those around you. In in this case we are focusing on how to transform your fear of intimacy into curiosity and enthusiasm to meet new people.

3 easy steps to transform your fear of intimacy into curiosity and joy

The first step in overcoming your fear of intimacy is acknowledging it. Becoming aware of the problem gives you control over it and allows you to solve the issue. If the idea of letting go of this fear feels uncomfortable, then that’s a sign that you should work on your fear of intimacy!

Next, identify the worst thing that would happen if you overcame this fear. It could be anything from not being able to have healthy relationships to not being able to form any relationships at all. Once again, take note of the feelings associated with this possible consequence and identify the location of this negative feeling in your body. Give it a color, a dimension, a direction, a movement even a … voice! be playful with it.

After identifying these feelings, find a positive outcome that would come from overcoming your fear of intimacy. For example, having healthier relationships may lead to more self-confidence or higher self-esteem. Again anchor this positive feeling in your body and expand the location, color, dimension, direction until the positive feelings associated with an intimate relationship makes you feel light, happy and curious!

Go back to step one when you think of an intimate relationship and see if the fear is still there. If it is still there ” scramble the feeling”  in your body and replace it with the positive feelings you anchored in your body a minute ago with step 2. Repeat until the fear of intimacy disappears completely using a super positive “switch pattern” in your body. Make it fun!

Last step

Lastly, after making sure that the fear has disappeared, review what steps need to be taken for this change to take place and make plans for tackling these challenges.

For example, if one of the steps is getting out there and meeting new people, make plans for it. The fear of intimacy disappears when we take action in real life.


let go of fear of intimacyThe fear of intimacy is prevalent anxiety for many people. It is the fear of being close to another person, or sometimes even being close to oneself. Intimacy can be healthy and enjoyable if it is approached with intention, curiosity and full awareness. This article has introduced you to a quick NLP tool for overcoming your fear of intimacy, scramble the fear and use a positive switch pattern that  you ancor in your body.

Discover how to let go in 3 easy steps and create the life that you desire!

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