Now, you can overcome your fear of flying with the Meraki Way Process©

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The fear of flying can be overcome with 3 straightforward steps.

A healing path is tailor-made for you.
With only 6 hours of coaching with my 3 steps process, you can finally let go of your phobia and enjoy your flights.
The fear of flying understood as “aerophobia” or “aviophobia” is associated with the fear of entering the plane, being in the air, and traveling serenely and confidently (which implies no anxiety).

Behind this common phobia, there are often hidden emotions such as anxiety and anguish that hide a basic feeling: losing control.

For some, it’s anticipating the flight that creates anxiety over actually experiencing one; even those who have previously flown many times can develop such a phobia at any age.

Coping with such an intense emotional reaction to air travel is quick and easy for those ready to do some work on themselves.

co-create with the divine

Always do what you are afraid to do.

– Ralph.W. Emerson

overcome fear of flying in 3 easy steps

How can I help you overcome the fear of flying?

My goal is to help you with overcoming your fear of flying so that you may start enjoying travel by airplane.

Flying is a simple phobia that can be cured using my 3-step method called The Meraki Way Process©.

My method is an avant-garde process, a technologic paradigm that helps you overcome this type of challenge and offers the possibility for planning a wonderful vacation or traveling on business in full relaxation, leaving any fears behind and forever!

I will guide you step by step towards achieving your objective in full safety and confidentiality, one small move at a time.
Before during and after finishing this process, you’ll feel supported, understood and free from all the nasty little voices in your head.

During your free consult with me, I will be able to let you know how I can help and explain the process.

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General Overview

Patricia Gozlan is a energy healer and NLP trainer.

She has spent years researching this phobia that affects many people, and during the course she will teach different techniques tailored to your needs. Everything you learn is confidential. There are exercises customized to your story which allow you to go through all phases of the flight in complete relaxation without any panic or anxiety for an easy journey with Patricia at hand!

The Method

“Always do what you are afraid to do.”.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Meraki Way Process© is a 3-step process that will help you make a radical change in your life. You’ll let go of the following feelings forever:

-feeling paralyzed by fear of long flights,
-feeling trapped in closed spaces for hours,
-feeling terror during turbulence.

And finally, you can stop fearing germs and getting sick because of pandemic panic!
At the end of this journey to freedom and confidence for flying anywhere on earth with new enthusiasm or calmness forever.

How it works

I offer various ways to work with me.
The first takes place from the comfort of your home, with Skype or Zoomsessions and several breaks so you can assimilate the mental and emotional reprogramming work.
You decide how many days it’ll take for you to complete these tasks: one day or several mini sessions in two weeks!
The second option is a single sitting in an exclusive space which I offer in Switzerland or Greece.
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The VIP Coaching Day

A healing journey over a day.Intensive.Focused.Live with me.
This second solution allows you to get away from your everyday life and join me in Lugano in Switzerland or Greece in a unique and sensual experience, at a retreat surrounded by nature near Lake Lugano or in Greece in a resort, by the Aegean sea.
This vacation allows you to disconnect in a productive and restorative way.
It is a real moment of integration, which allows you to both relax and do work on yourself, a deep and meaningful and certainly unforgettable experience.

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Dream Destinations

Here are some dream destinations that you can reach in complete relaxation and safety.


  • Beyond knowledge and competence, which Patricia has plenty of, she has the gift of bringing out the best in people and produced profound changes for me in a very short time! Sincerely, she is a truly gifted human being and having her as a coach is a blessing!

    Myriam Najjar CTA Certified Success Coach,Montreal
  • In the month of October 2017 I started working with Patricia for the fear of flying, I must say that I was very skeptical because I had already tried everything. It worked perfectly, I have already planned to go to the Maldives in November. This path with Patricia is very amazing!

    Jeanette Benz Locarno, Switzerland
  • The best thing on how she works is her gentle, personal and insightful method of being able to go to the “root” of the problem and she allowed me to talk my way through it with her guidance of words. It’s incredible and the benefit came within a few days.

    Nancy Shields Coach and Bunsiness Owner, California

Money-Back guarantee


After our first session, do you feel that the coaching journey does not meet your expectations? I refund you the full package, including the session used.

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