The Common Points Between Fear of Flying And Fear Of Intimacy: Let Go In Less Than 30 Seconds

Fear of flying and fear of intimacy are similar, here is why:

You can change your thinking in less than 30 seconds to feel free to fly and … love again! The 3 questions that we can ask ourselves are the following when we want to change something like the fear of flying.

  1. What is the thought behind this feeling?
  2. How can I reframe my negative thought, a paralyzing belief, or a non-functional behavior, to create what I want?
  3. Whom do I know with a set of positive beliefs that I can model?

For the sake of an example let us deal with the fear of flying here.

Let us see how you can deal with the fear of flying or the fear of intimacy and let of go:

You might say to yourself:

Whenever I get on a plane, I feel insecure.

1. Listen to this part of yours that is triggering the negative mood. It could be an image, a voice, an expression, etc. Put a face on that part, let it tell you it’s the whole story.

2. Find the positive intention behind that part: what is it protecting you from? what is the most valid “excuse”, according to this part?

In the example of the fear of flying, the noise of the engine of an airplane taking off triggers anxiety because that part wants to protect you.

-The intention behind this little voice is a good one, but the answer you have associated with this image or voice you hear in your head is inadequate. It paralyzes you, it limits you. 

The meaning you associate with the images, and voices in your head are totally subjective.

Try this one for a change

Focus on the positive intention of this part and try two or three NEW ways of responding that will help you achieve this intention and fly safely in a relaxed way.

For example, you recognize the positive intention of that part that wants to protect you with the spirit of self-preservation, protect you from being hurt, which is why you choose the safest way to travel (driving instead of flying).

Challenge your negative belief… always!

-Identify the negative meaning you give to flying.

For example, your inner voice might say:

Flying is dangerous for me, I might die.

Now ask yourself:

Is this true? A, I 100% sure or certain that this affirmation is true?

If this is not true, what else could this mean?

Write down all the positive meanings, an array of positive stories supporting that your affirmation is NOT true.

For example, remember that so many people fly around the world for years without any problem whatsoever.

One of the best things you can do in such situations is to think of a person with beliefs opposite yours and imagine you just imitate their way of thinking.

What is their belief about flying that you could “copy and paste ” in your mind and body right now, and that could help you eradicate your negative belief once and forever?

Keep asking till you create for yourself an array of new answers/ meanings/ possibilities that are way more motivating and compelling so that you can enter the plane easily.

Curiosity is the medicine here.

By doing so, you can change your perception, in less than 30 seconds and not just in the fear of flying!

Make sure your subconscious is fully committed to trying alternative answers and not sabotaging your reformulation efforts.

Check for conflicting beliefs, and if you find yourself making excuses, go back to the previous step and find alternative ways to respond.

There is no difference between the fear of flying and the fear of experiencing love in an intimate relationship.

The fear of flying is a metaphor for the fear of intimacy.

It can be perceived as a terrifying experience, but it’s also one that many people do over and over again.

The “love turbulence” may change, but the plane always lands.

In other words, be it in a plane or in a relationship, you are safe.

In fact, in their structure of the mindset, they are very similar and can be treated in the same way!

If you suffer from the fear of flying or the fear of intimacy feel free to contact me here.

More than 25 million Americans say they’re scared to get on a plane. And yet, they still do it.

and more that 40% of American couples separate or divorce because of lack of  efficient communication that leads to lack of intimacy.

What is it that keeps us going back for more? How can we conquer the fear of flying?

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