Embracing Change And The Magic Of Possibility


You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star”.

(F. Nietzsche).

How often are we trying to find “rational” reasons to do or not to do things?

Rationality is about “fixing”.And “fixing” is about judging, putting order, and “freezing” things into form.

Each time we focus on “fixing” what is wrong, we are focusing on what we do not want.

By focusing on what is not perfect yet, we are moving away from the infinite possibilities of creation.

I often have the impulse to fix things in the middle of a creative process instead of letting things alone just as they are and just flow.

Being ok with what we perceive as chaos is a practice. It takes observation and self-discipline.

Nothing is wrong nothing is right

Although there is nothing wrong about fixing stuff, sometimes we fixate on “fixing” rather than letting things be as they are and flow with what is.

By focusing on the creative energy generated by “chaos”, “craziness”, you are opening the door for good stuff to come in. The energy of craziness creates awareness of what is good for you to choose from. Irrationality is about being open to everything with no prejudice. Then, from the space of infinite choice, you accept things as they are you relax and you can say yes to what our heart desires.

The energy of irrationality is the energy that stops us from fitting in and finding excuses to stay stuck. The more irrational, crazy you allow yourself to be the more you allow creative energy to inspire you.

Take away for you

What if you challenged yourself for just one day, to perceive chaos inside and outside of you as the seed of magic and possibility?

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