How To Conceive and Create Whatever You Want With the Meraki Process

Faith is key before creating what you love.

After having cleared yourself from the old story you have that stops you from creating, the next phase is about connecting with what you want on a deep level.

In this example, I manifested my dream house my asking myself_

* What do I want?  ( I designed a specific house as I wanted it)

* What is the cost of having what I want?

* What do I see?

* What do I hear?

* What do I feel?

* Is there anything in the way?

(if no – go back to clearing; if yes, go forward to creating)

* Can I feel it in my body now?

Feeling the solid new reality in your body is a function of trust and faith.

It can take very few minutes to do this exercise, it does not have to be difficult.

If I did it you can make it too!

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