Crazy Wisdom: The # 1 Way to Prosperity

Letting go of the things you desire, as strange as that sounds, is part of getting the things you desire.

It shows faith and belief in the process. The more you hold onto the idea that you have to figure out how to manifest the things you wish to be, do, or have the more resistance.

A simple definition of the crazy wisdom practice is to live well with not knowing.

You have no idea of what is coming next yet you trust that the best is about to happen as the Universal Intelligence will always assist you in finding the path of least resistance.

Even if now you “do- not- know- how” instead of clinging on control and fear you consciously choose to believe that inspiration, intuition will lead you to create the best solution for yourself and others.

How much joy can you stand?

Part of the joy energy is the energy of freedom the energy of being who you are and allowing yourself to just play and be crazy, absurd without caring about what others will do or say.

What we call crazy is only crazy from the viewpoint of ego, custom, habit. The craziness is actually higher frequency enjoyment.

Besides, the great spiritual adepts, children for example, or people that live in total prosperity and freedom from the inside out

1. Do not care what others do or think.

2. They don’t decide to be crazy. They just are free and express it their joy and contentment in the now.

3. They laugh and enjoy their state of total freedom

4. Their joy crazy state is contagious this state of mind frees you and the world

5.They are upfront in expressing the truth as fear of judgment does not exist.

The sum of these moments is the full expression of authenticity, love, and prosperity.

When we vibrate from this state then things become easy.

Crazy wisdom is natural, effortless, not driven by the hope and fear machine of the ego.

Your ability to create this state is proportional to your ability to create love, joy energy, and money. Money is energy.

This means that the ability to create all these forms of love and energy including money is within you.

If what you’ve been doing this far has not been working, you owe it to yourself to change your ways of doing, thinking and being.

Most of us hide things from ourselves such as our fears of not being enough or not having enough.

What inventions have you been choosing to create the distance between you and your greatness?

Some of the taboo themes are the amount of money one makes, family issues or situations we feel ashamed of, our age or even our weight!

The idea is to play to win rather than playing not to lose in being upfront and totally transparent about your feelings or about facts.

Hide nothing in your life for sooner or later things will come upon the surface.

How more authentic can you be with yourself and others without fearing what the others might think of you?

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