I help my clients create big life changes through Meraki Way© healing and transformative coaching.

The goal of the 3-phase process is to let go of the blocks of the past, plan or conceive a new reality with clarity and confidence and finally create what your heart desires.

Some challenges that I solve with my clients are related to big changes that these wise, savvy, sexy women want to make, but they don’t know how or where to start from.

These changes can include a new job, a new country to live in, or a desire to end or start an important relationship.

The women of the Meraki Way are women passionate about living life at the fullest and who desire to solve challenges like the following:

-How to let go of attachment to a past relationship and create a relationship aligned with their values and needs?

-How to let go of the tendency to want to control everything and everyone and feel light, happy, and satisfied at the same time?

-What it will take to accept their bodies and love themselves unconditionally, even as the years go by?

At the end of the journey, my clients have more clarity and freedom to act, as well as greater well-being in all areas of their life, including intimate relationships, their physical health and their finances.

I let go of all the “nasty voices” inside my mind and I finally listen and trust my intuition. Thank you my dear Patricia, you are the reason why I feel free, I feel loved and I know that everything comes in abundance at the same time.


~ Alexandra Zerou (Businesswoman-Greece)

Is this you?

The women I work with have “unique” characteristics; they are smart, successful, dynamic, sexy women; they love life and thy know what they want ; they are independent and have a high interest in personal development.

Often these are women who are care takers, they are doctors, healers, social workers, holistic workers, artists, teachers, or coaches.

They are spiritually focused, immersed in personal growth, and genuinely desire to live a fulfilling life, especially in their intimate relationships.

Together we laugh, cry, pray and grow 😉

Coaching Programs

I offer a range of options, designed to help you achieve the results you want at the cost and time that suits you best.

I offer fast, group and exclusive 1:1 coaching and healing programs.


The Exclusive VIP Coaching Day, for example, is a program that I offer to those who want to solve an urgent problem, such as the fear of flying, or the achievement of a very specific goal to be solved as soon as possible.

How we work?

Let’s explore the deepest levels of your being and the richness of who you really are, that is, your talents, your spiritual mission and see how to make this happen in your daily life. Click here to read who I am.

As an emotional facilitator and certified coach, I have helped many women to create the intimate relationship aligned with their values, the one they have always wanted and with the big changes that come with this new relationship.

I helped them transform their negative mind patterns and create healthy and balanced relationships, save their marriages, fall in love again.

I’ve helped some women even get out of emotionally toxic relationships in few hours during a coaching VIP day.

In short, I help you find the “Queen energy” within you, that powerful, kind, compassionate part that  knows what she wants and that she gets it with kindness and firmness.

I firmly believe that when you embody the Queen’s energy – a woman who deeply loves and respects herself, a woman who knows what she wants and gets it with elegance and wisdom,you can have any kind of relationship you want, including one with your soul mate.

Is this you?

I’d love to hear from you. I’d like to see if there is a way I can help you in creating the relationship that makes you feel “at home” with the right person for you.

Click here to talk to me. No strings attached.

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