Can NLP Help You Let Go Of Your Worst Fears?

We live in an era where we love quick changes, can NLP  help you get out  of your own way?

Here is a list of techniques and suggestions on what to do as a part of fear and anxiety management.

These techniques are going to work wonders in managing anxiety when the environment is changing at your workplace, when your relationships are shaky, when the economy is uncertain or when simply you wonder what is in store for you in the field of Health, Wealth, and Love.

The first thing you must do is not to give up when things are not going well. Remember, hard times come not to frighten you or to make you anxious. They bring you the opportunity to try your ability to cope with situations.

Remember the proverb? If there’s a will, there’s a way.

What you see, say or feel, is a totally subjective film you “project” to yourself.

Try to see it objectively.

Things will not seem that critical.

The intention factor is very important as it sets the grounds for a new time line a timeline where you are ready to change the way you feel to attract a new reality.

Here are some key steps you can use now picturing the best case scenario when you think of the situation that keeps you in bondage.

Don’t ever give up in managing your anxieties and fears. Be kind to yourself and remember that behind every behavior or thought there is a positive intention, which your subconscious mind is asking you to be aware of.

Anxiety is a sophisticated word for ‘fear of something’.

What do you fear? What is the worst case scenario? Dare to see the fear in the eye and ask yourself – what would happen to you in the worst case scenario.

Let us take a real example: when you think of the “isness of what is” or the “ muchness” as Eckhart Tolle puts it.

You may realize that you feel helpless, inadequate, scared or angry. Take note of what is without wanting to change it. The neediness to change what we feel creates resistance and this very resistance will stop you from changing your reality or jumping on a new timeline.

First step:

Take note of what is feel what your body feels when you are trapped and say to yourself:“Ok noted”.

The very fact of accepting what is will immediately give you relief. Do not be afraid of exploring how your body feels in the “stuckness” state, the images you project into the future and the story you tell to yourself.

After you have taken notes of what you see, feel and say to yourself only then can you allow for a new reality to show up.

Second step:

Ask yourself a powerful question:

If all these feelings did not exist, who would I need to be to enjoy the new life I am wanting to create for myself and others?

This generative question is not meant to be answered.

It is a question that allows a new energy of you really are to show up.

The consciousness of the new timeline you are about to create will show up in unexpected ways.

You may get an AHA moment, listen to a song and stumble on an article that will SHOW you a new reality. Be open to receiving!

Now is the moment to create!

Grab a piece of paper and make as if the new reality was here in the now, real and tangible.

-What are you seeing in a new reality ?

For example, you may see yourself in a healthy body where you are allowing your body to be, do and feel in a way you had never imagined before.

-Or you may see yourself with a calendar filled with  an appointment with the ideal clients.

-Or you may see yourself in the ideal relationship enjoying the company of a partner that adores and respects you.

Fears, phobias, anxiety are only learned behaviours.

They are triggers that our subconscious mind had learned whenever you were in such a condition. Most probably, you learned a negative trigger when you were young during a specific event.

The good news is that the same way you have learned to be unhappy, depressed, in fear etc., you can learn to be happy, joyful, optimist, creative, sexy and something that you are not wishing to be but will be glad when you become so.

Each time we are in fear about a future event, it simply means we trigger a pattern – a “dysfunctional” strategy in our brains, which tells us how to respond to this fear.

With techniques (Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which is the study of human excellence and other energy tools), you can discover that mental pattern, the wrong association between what you perceive and what you feel about it.

LOA  ( law of attraction) will, in turn, teach you how to focus on what you want to create.

Give your mind more choices, an enlarged response repertoire – one that includes calmness and a reasonable assessment of the situation.

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