Bringing Ease and Joy Into Your Life


What needs to happen for things to flow into your life easily and with grace?

Many of us have tried various practices from meditation to mindfulness from being present to what is using reprogramming tools that help us get into the right state to manifest more of what we want.

At the same time, there is the moment when we forget who we really are and we tend to believe on the “isness” of what we live forgetting that we are the creators of what we live every single moment.

Knowing what we know, why is it that we “forget”?

What is going on behind the scenes of our mind that brings us back into the illusion of believing what we see on the outside?

How do we “get” into the flow so that the state of presence is magnified by this state of neutrality and Love?

The state of flow and inner guidance:

I would say that the state of flow is the state where the state of limitation just melts away because the mind slows down and is just observing the film with no judgment whatsoever.

The state of flow could be defined according to my experience by a state whereby after slowing down the mind’s pictures and sounds (I offer an NLP powerful easy exercise on how to do just that please feel free to send me a mail) we allow the state of connection to happen so that we can receive the message from our Divine Self and just BE.

This means that all states of “non-flow” where fear, judgment, and separation exist are stated disconnection, resistance a state where inspiration is blocked.

When you feel good you are connected to your inner guidance this part of you that “knows” everything – this part of you that is always available to guide you how you protect you and love you unconditionally. You can use it to inspire you and to show you what is your Divine Path.

Being in that “state” where you do not need to DO things rather to “BE”, is what I mean when I refer to the flow.

There are several ways to release resistance and bring our energy to the present moment.

By letting go of resistance and doubt you clean the channel to guidance. You allow yourself to be united to who you really are and to receive guidance.

The importance of letting go and live in the flow:

The benefits of letting go resistance are to:

  1. Allow more space to receive more guidance;
  2. Feel better about yourself and thus be of service to the people around you in an easy natural way,
  3. Attract more of what you want by “listening”  and “feeling” the signs offered.
  4. The more you practice the more you expand your capacity to receive and be in the energy of love.

Here are 3 easy steps to tap into the wisdom of your inner guidance and dance with the flow:

  1. Make it a habit to sit in silence and observe the thoughts that arise without wanting to change them or stop them. The more you do it the curious you will become to listen and follow the signs of what arises. The sense of inner peace and joy will become bigger and bigger the more you allow yourself to be present.
  2. Make small baby steps by making small requests. For example while being in a meditative state, relax and focus on your body and ask it:

    “Body, what do you need now?”

    Listen and trust the answer. If you “feel” that what you receive as an answer just “clicks” then trust it and follow the “signs” by acting form this space of inspiration. (this is what you do when you connect with your higher self in step 3 of my ebook).

  3. When you feel fear negative emotions or separation from the infinite being that you are, ask:

    What else is possible for me now?

    What do I need to let go of now to experience love, joy, and freedom around this specific situation?

In my groups and one to one sessions, you learn how to design the questions that will lead you to the answers inspired from your infinite being that you are.

dancing-with-the-divine_-bringing-fun-light-and-chocolate-to-lifeWhat does realigning with Source mean?

By connecting to our inner being to the state of neutrality and love we allow inspiration and guidance. This connection that looks like opening the tub and dive into the experience of flow and easiness is what creates the magic.

My Meraki Way process is a recipe that allows you to define what you want and then to easily flow with ease and grace towards the manifestation of what you want by just following your inner guidance, surrender to the Divine and expand your capacity to create with ease and joy.

If you want to have a taste of what you can create in one or more areas of your life with ease, love and grace.

Discover how to let go in 3 easy steps and create the life that you desire!

My motto is: "Every day do something to make your heart laugh". I help people get in touch with their "Meraki", a word that modern Greeks often use to describe "doing something with the soul, creativity or love". Meraki means putting "something of yourself". How do I do it? I connect heart to heart with people, through The Divine in a healing way. You can find me on FB,Linkedin,YouTube.