Awaken The Genie Within:Turning Fear into Joy

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Turning fear into inner power

What if the bigger the resistance you are feeling now in your life around issues of health wealth or relationship, the bigger the opportunity for you to go beyond what you think is true?

The truth is that the more resistance, fear or doubt you think you feel the bigger for you the opportunity to transform your reality and dive into the infinite opportunities you can choose to create now.

The reality you create is the projection of the thoughts, beliefs, decisions judgments you have made in the past.

So, the moment you decide to DIS- believe in the rules you have bought or made up, you give yourself the opportunity to open the doors to the infinite possibilities of what could be true instead.

Resistance and bondage are not what they seem to be.

It’s made up according to the old memories, belief system we have stored in our system.

Freedom (i.e. the opposite of resistance) is everything you were told it is or you have decided it is for you, should be or ought to be.

What if resistance or bondage were so strong that you would have to come up with crazy creative ways to unleash what needs to be unleashed so that you can feel?

And what if the very existence of this resistance is the opportunity for you to discover what you really want (the S of my spiral model=Set a clear goal) so that you can reprogram your system ( the P of the S.P.I.RA.L stands for programming) and learn to Dance with the Divine creating the life that you want with ease and joy?

It’s time to wake up.

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