Attract Prosperity With Fun Rituals

To attract what you want you to need to change your habits.

Changing your habits means you need to change your behavior. Changing your behavior means you need to change your relationship to money, your mindset.

By changing your thoughts about the money you change the reality you create.

There are many ways you can choose to change your mindset and therefore the results you create prosperity.

Today we will explore the power of ceremony.

It is a stretch to celebrate something that has not arrived yet I know!

In this post, I will share with you a simple fun way to go beyond the limits of your mind a way to bypass your fears.

Many of our celebrations are dying out because in our society things go fast and we like consuming things fast.

For example, once we are married reserving one night per week ( like Saturdays) to reinforce the celebration of the couple the celebration of love, is something we tend to forget doing after a while.

Family reunions to celebrate the love of the family members are often perceived as boring, no wonder we feel separated from our family members as the years go by.

The goal of celebrating has an energy to it, it is meant to reinforce the bond, the love, the meaning of what keeps us connected to something or someone we love.

A good example of this is Christmas family dinners and the presents we share during these moments.

What are the rituals you have to attract money?

Very few people have rituals and when they do, for example doing a ceremony during the new moon they are not consistent with it.

Here are some rituals you can do to reinforce the energy of celebration before you attract money so that you can attract it:

  1. Believe that a ceremony is an energy act that will allow you to bring in your life what you want. The belief factor is key.
  2. Choose one ritual and be consistent with it, ideally do the ritual with friends. (sharing a ritual makes it more powerful), choose one day of the month to do that.
  3. Clear the space of your house before doing a ritual with sage or  clear the space with Feng-Shui
  4. Make a list of your limiting beliefs fears of aha moments you have during the month and keep them handy for that day.
  5. The day of the ritual write your fears on small bits of paper and throw them in the fire while pronouncing out loud powerful affirmations in front of your friends or in front of the mirror: Example “I deserve to be rich”, “Money comes easily to me from known and unknown sources” .”All my needs are met easily and I am now financially free”. ” Everyday I become luckier”… Be creative with your affirmations!
  6. You do not need to know how this works – what needs to happen though while you pronounce your powerful prosperity affirmations is that your body feels certainty when you say what you say.
  7. Find new creative ways to celebrate! The more you get out of your comfort zone the better it is. For example, if you want to get off of the paradigm of lack send a thank you note to the people you send money to. The very act of saying thank you while giving money restores balance in your system (the more I give the richer I am).
  8. Here above you see the picture of my altar. This is the altar I bring in my prosperity workshops. Inside I have symbols of the 4 elements, flowers, perfumes, golden coins, and fresh flowers.
  9. If you would like to learn how to design altars contact me!

If you want to practice around wealth health and love with new habits, if you want to have a breakthrough and attract more than you ever could imagine, drop me a line, together we will explore in what creative way you can design a ritual that works for you!

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