As a Savvy Woman, Are You Making Smart Choices In Your Relationships?

Even though you may be an independent and savvy woman, you can still recover from codependency.

Even smart successful women may suffer from codependency in their intimate relationships.

Codependent behaviors sometimes seem to be persistent even if you have read tons of books and gone through therapy or coaching.

Because co-dependency patterns are not something “productive,” successful women tend to ignore them.

Truth is that this tendency of recreating codependency patterns cannot be suppressed or shoved down and hope it will disappear. They also do not disappear if we start a new relationship.

We can only heal our codependency by changing ourselves, not by altering our partners or the situations we find ourselves in.

And I am here to tell you that there is hope and that you can transform this unconscious habit in 3 easy steps, my 3-c-process (or the Meraki Way process).

Clear, conceive, create-The Meraki Way.

The step one I call CLEAR is fundamental for our mental and emotional health.

Clear the clutter out of your mind.And by clutter I mean, fears, limiting beliefs and circular repetitive patterns that make us attract the same partners or situations again and again.

Before opening a door or opening an opportunity, clear away all the clutter that can be emotionally attached to it or in some way related to us (real-life obstacles or emotional baggage).

This includes things such as unconscious patterns such as neediness, and low self-worth.

The more we clear out any unwanted emotions and energy that may be stored inside our system the easier it is for us to open up new opportunities and feelings that we may not otherwise have been able to access due to past trauma, negative beliefs and memories from childhood, etc..

Co-dependency is painful. We put ourselves last, which leaves us burnt out and exhausted.

We allow others to take advantage of us and accept abuse, which damages our self-esteem and makes us feel resentful and angry.

This is what is familiar to us and this is what we create again and choices in relationships

Having success in business or other areas of our lives does not require smarts to deal with this pattern.

Being successful in our careers or businesses has nothing to do with healing from codependency.

The change we are striving to make is to love ourselves more.

Instead of focusing on external factors like your family or career, this inner work is about being present with who we truly are, our emotions, and our needs.

When we love ourselves more, we won’t accept mistreatment, we’ll assert ourselves, we’ll take care of our physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, and in doing so, we’ll stop worrying so much about others and let them live their own lives.

If we stay in constant pursuit of self-improvement, the possibilities are endless. We can all learn to manage our emotions, communicate better, set goals, and so much more.

We can all thrive in our careers and our relationships by investing in ourselves.

Smart choices in our relationships is a question of mindset.

And mindset is a question of how you perceive yourself and your self- worth.

What kind of woman you need to become, to thrive both professionally and personally, and to experience freedom and joy in your relationships?

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