Are You Feeling Stuck In A Draining Relationship? Get Unstuck This Christmas

Feeling Stuck? Read these tipsAre you feeling stuck in a draining relationship and you wonder what to do during these Christmas holidays?

It feels like no matter what you do, you never seem to be able to break free from your relationship.
You’ve tried ending things before, but it never seems to work.

What does it mean to feel stuck in a draining relationship?
Often, it could be that you are stuck in a draining relationship because of one or more reasons (e.g., fear of being alone, not wanting to hurt your partner’s feelings, believing you deserve the treatment, fear of starting from scratch, fear of being disappointed again, fear of what will people say, the list is long and has so many aspects to it… ).

What is true though?

All relationships have ups and downs, but there is a difference between choosing to stay in an emotionally draining relationship and being stuck in one!

Do you see where I am going with this question?

It can feel really hard to get out of this type of relationship at first because it seems so difficult and scary.
In other words, what feels scary to some feels like a motivation to others.
Motive-action  (translated in motivation in Latin ) has the word “action” in it when we look at the root of the word. Plus, to move towards something new, we need to have a big why that “moves” us that drives us.

Why aree we feeling stuck in a draining relationship?

There are several reasons why people often get stuck with a draining relationship, including:

* Fear of being alone

* Desire for comfort, stability

* Lack of knowledge about healthy relationships

* Lack of self-worth, self-love

*Fear of getting stuck… again!

*Resignation ( “I’m too old to start again”, “All men are the same”)

Or any combination thereof!

Tips  for those of you that are still stuck in a draining relationship and how to deal with the familiar issues:

If you want to get unstuck from an emotionally draining relationship, there are a few things you need to do.

Therefore, it’s important to not rush anything, but rather take your time to make sure you are making the decision for yourself and not because someone else is pressuring you.

Here are some key points you can consider now:

1. One of the main steps in getting unstuck from a draining relationship is learning about what healthy relationships look like.
How do you know you are in a healthy relationship?

2. Take some time a make a list of the qualities you appreciate in such a relationship and who you are in this kind of relationship.
What does this model of relationship feel like, when you think about it?

3. Creating an anchor in your body and connecting with yourself will allow you to create a clear image of what your heart desires, specific feelings.This is a good start before changing what is not working for you.Clarity is power.

4. Once you gain clarity on what healthy relationships look like, it’s time to reflect on your current relationship.

What are some things you wrote down that would make your ideal relationship?

To start, make a list of words, images and feelings that remind you what a healthy relationship looks and feels like.Imagine it, conceive it , plan it!
Maybe you could change things if you took time to take the risk of changing too.
For example, maybe one of the things that would make your ideal relationship different is that it feels supportive instead of draining or toxic.

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In this post, we have started discussing the various ways you can get unstuck from a draining relationship during Christmas time. We have seen that feeling drained is a choice you can move away from and choose something different.
These tips will help you to regain your confidence and be able to move on from the past.
More often than not, being stuck in a relationship is due to fear. You might fear being alone, hurting your partner’s feelings, or not knowing what you want.

To get unstuck from a draining relationship during Christmas time, there are some things you will need: courage, clarity, and boundaries.

You can download my free E-book, contact me or answer this question:

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