How to Allow Yourself to Receive More and Savor Life?

Are you allowing yourself to receive more?

We are often prejudiced when it comes to learning to receive, it’s as if giving is easier for us an attitude that makes us feel more OK than receiving from the fear of:

  1. Being judged as selfish
  2. The thought that giving is good and receiving is bad
  3. The idea that before receiving we often need to give tons of love and attention to others (guilt)

When we want to manifest more of what we love, we need to let go of resisting of receiving. Most of the times this depends on learning to love ourselves again.

We are unconsciously programmed to follow these 3 common limiting beliefs and in this case, instead of being motivated by love and abundance we are unconsciously driven by fear and scarcity.

EFT and NLP combined with LOA (law of attraction) exercises are great tools to help you reprogram yourself again and to learn to allow to receive more and more without feeling guilty.

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Clearing your worst fears can be done very effectively and fast, you read more here to learn more how to achieve this goal.

Prosperity is about choosing what you want:

You can choose to believe you deserve the best!

While it’s good to receive, you can continue giving and therefore you can choose to balance giving and receiving in a natural, loving prosperous and healthy way.

You can now choose to believe that receiving does not mean you are not selfish, you can choose to be in gratitude, say “yes, thank you” when receiving, without needing to give back to the person who has had the pleasure of giving to you.

People who have trouble manifesting more, encounter this difficulty because they do not allow more abundance in their lives. These same people often tend to judge who receives without reciprocating.

If you tend to judge who receives gifts without giving back, because you believe that giving is easier or is more ” appropriate”, you are missing the pleasure that the person who gives has, from the pleasure of giving.

To the extent that we give to the same extent, we need to learn to expand our capacity to receive.

If we keep giving without receiving because of variously hidden fears or a sense of guilt, this could be a red flag for you to dig and analyze what makes you do what you do and why.

Plus, if you keep giving depriving yourself of receiving or judging who knows how to receive in a free open way, what is the quality of our giving?

Balance your resistance of receiving in 10 easy steps:

So what can you do to balance this resistance of receiving?

  1. recognize the incongruency you feel in your system between giving and receiving
  2. love and accept yourself in spite of this limiting programming that limits your capacity in receiving more
  3. choose to do something about this (NLP, EFT and other effective tools) to help you identify the core belief underneath the surface
  4. expand your capacity to receiving by saying YES THANK YOU  to all the good things you have now
  5. be curious about the prosperity attitude of those who have no trouble giving AND receiving
  6. transform your resistance on receiving by identifying what you are really resisting ask yourself “what is the fear(s) under the resistance of receiving?”
  7. choose to be OK with receiving one new thing at the time, keep a journal on what you are receiving every day
  8. if you judge those who receive from you, what is the quality of your giving? (conditional vs. unconditional love)
  9. Say “yes thank you” to those that give you, without rushing into giving back right away, listen to your heart rather than your head!(read my article on the law of appreciation)
  10. Be curious and open to the question: Am I  resisting what the universe is ready to give me in the same manner you are resisting what others want to give you?

Take to action:

If you are you ready to stop blocking the gifts from the universe, what is the 1st thing you are ready to do for you to expand your capacity to receive?


For example, you can just say out loud  every day or during your meditation:

  • “Bring it on, the universe I want it, I deserve it! I am open to learning to receive one bit more one step at the time.
  • I’m safe to receive these gifts.
  • It’s good to receive and to give love to me.
  • I’m also giving when I receiving! I’m giving to others the pleasure of giving.
  • The more I allow receiving the more I have to share!!!”

You can now choose to say “yes thank you” and be open to more joy love and prosperity at all levels, body mind and spirit.

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