8 Powerful Cornerstones of Love, Passion, and Meraki Unveiled

8 Powerful Cornerstones of Love, Passion, and Meraki

When you fall in love, it can come from a place of being either self-aware or not. If you are self-aware, then the path is short and easy. But if you have a wounded inner child still running your patterns for relationships from when they were hurt as children by their parents who didn’t give them enough unconditional love, then chances are that person will be attracting someone similar to one of your parents into their life – which means the same pattern with lack of unconditional love will continue on.

Falling in love is not about having your wounds healed – it’s about healing them yourself and then moving on to love someone else. It’s  NOT about using another person as a fix for your emotional wounds.Many women I work with, do this unconsciously.

And this usually doesn’t work well because it’s not really fixing anything at all – it’s just trying to use someone else to help you feel better. The emotional wounds remain and they will likely resurface later with someone else unless they have been healed once and for all.

The following 8 cornerstones of love, passion, and Meraki are essential if you want to start healing from the inside out.

1. Your life is your own; fill it with thoughts that make you feel worthy, feelings that create happiness, hobbies that make you feel alive, and food that makes you feel well.

2. You are not your thoughts. You are Divine energy that came here to learn a lesson.

3. You are not your emotions. You are a Divine being feeling them.

4. You are not your body; you are energy that is connected to everything in the Universe and beyond.

5. An individual’s behavior is not necessarily a reflection of who you are, it can be who you are. Don’t take any negativity or criticism personally.

6. You are on a journey and it is your job to be the best you that you can be.

7. Life is a gift; don’t waste it by blaming others or giving away your power over to them.

8. These things you feel like you “need” in a relationship are only reflections of your programming. A divine being doesn’t need validation from outside sources to be loved.

How can you heal your heart and dance with love again?

When a relationship ends, most of the time it’s because one or both partners aren’t taking responsibility for their own feelings and self-worth and are blaming the other for their resulting unhappiness. The lack of awareness of who you really are makes it so that growing up, you look for something to fill the sense of emptiness rooted in your childhood. The good news is that this can be healed.


There is nothing better than creating your own life in the Meraki way!.

That’s why it needs to be tailored to what you want and need. The quality of your life depends on the quality of the relationship with yourself- whether or not you have healed from past trauma, for example. You do not need to let someone else tell you who are; past events don’t define us! If this sounds like something that interests you, contact me for your complimentary Meraki Love Recovery  Consult.

Alternatively, you can also attend my 50 minute free masterclass here.

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