3 Ways Mindfulness Can Spice Up Your Relationship

mindfulness and relationshipsHow does mindfulness help you spice up the quality of your relationship?

Being present in a relationship is an important thing to do. The term “mindfulness” comes from the Sanskrit words for ‘attend’ and ‘stay’. Simply put, staying in the moment means being mindful. For example, if you are receiving a weird look as you interact with your partner, it would be easy to become defensive about them and their look at you.

The 3 key practices that will improve your relationships are simple but putting them into practice is more challenging than you would think.

What prevents mindful intimate and fulfilling relationships?

A healthy ego. We need an ego, but there are two types: a healthy or unhealthy ego. The latter type of ego is driven by our fears, past experiences, decisions judgments, and history that have accumulated over time – it’s not just in the present moment we’re reacting to situations when we use an unhealthy-ego mindset.

How does the negative ego influence the quality of your relationship?

This shows up by us taking things too personally, becoming defensive, being arrogant, playing the victim, and having a need to control others and/or situations, and it is the root of negative self-talk.An attitude that is driven by “what’s -in-it for me” rather than “how can I help you”.

When we take things personally, we are attaching ourselves to the outcome of what is being said or done.The reality is that there are times when people will say things or act in a way that is based on their own fears and insecurities, so this will not always be about you.

The 1st key to dealing with this is to release yourself from thinking that everything others do or say is about you, and instead try to focus on how they feel and where they are coming from.

The second key to a happy relationship is detaching ourselves from the equation. It means removing anything that inhibits fun, authenticity, intimacy, and playfulness in a relationship.When we attach ourselves to an outcome, we are using an unhealthy ego mindset.This is because it makes us feel that we are right or wrong, and if others disagree with us then they are wrong.

So instead of reacting with our egos, we must detach ourselves from the outcome and focus on how can I help you and what’s in it for both of us.This helps us learn compassion for others because we realise they aren’t always attacking us personally.

Body language and the art of mindfulness

The body language of our partners is telling us what their feelings and needs are. Non-violent communication (NVC) has based on this knowledge: we can communicate to other individuals by decoding their nonverbal messages, which tells us how they feel and what they require that isn’t met.

The 3d key is acceptance : Accept the other person as they are. Accept yourself as you are, without judging either of you. This builds trust in a relationship and opens doors for understanding the other person better.True love is built on trust and these two values feed one another. They allow for the relationship to become solid, leaving space for each partner to be who they are in total freedom. This is what I call honoring the other–and it’s essential if you want a healthy relationship!

How can the energy of “Meraki” be obtained and reinforced in the long run?

Showing appreciation combined with enthusiasm engagement in your everyday life with your partner. Enthusiasm is contagious and raises the emotional tone of the couple. A snowball effect of authentic appreciation, love, respect, passion, and enthusiasm creates the Meraki energy, that can keep a relationship healthy and vibrant.

As with any other aspect of your life, it is important to stay conscious and aware of what you put into your relationship.

There are many benefits to mindfulness, one of them being the positive effect it has on your relationships. Not only will you be more present for those around you, but they’ll also feel loved and valued because they know that their presence is important to you.

Letting go of the barriers between you and your partner is a great way to start improving intimacy.

Discover how to let go in 3 easy steps and create the life that you desire!

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