3 Easy Ways to Heal Your Broken Heart With a Quick Prayer

You can heal with prayerCan you heal your broken heart with a prayer?

Feeling-based prayer is a way of talking to the intelligent force that 95% of us believe in. When we are feeling a feeling, it is always because there are prayers being sent out through life itself. We have the ability to communicate with this higher power ( or Divine Intelligence, call it as you want) and participate in the outcome.

We always feel what’s going on inside ourselves during every moment of our lives–even if sometimes we don’t know exactly what it is that we’re feeling at any given time!

If “feeling” is the prayer, then since you’re always feeling something–and since you can be sure about that!–then life means living as though each moment were a form of prayer!

You send messages both into your world and out into other worlds all day long by doing nothing more than following your feelings -we do so when thinking or speaking, even when engaged in physical activity like cooking dinner or exercising; you make decisions based on how things feel; and while praying may not seem like real ‘doing’ for some people, many who pray, find they need no words: anything from deep breathing to singing hymns will work!. Prayer feels good because of whatever else happens over time—whether big changes happen. You can heal your broken heart with prayer and unconditional love.

Prayer involves repetition of sounds and words, which is why it has healing effects for Buddhists. Prayer itself is meditation for them.

Without knowing it  consciously, you are emitting a positive “signal” and this is what is received in the quantum field, a win-win situation for the one who prays and for the whole world.

You can heal your broken heart with the science of prayer

The science of prayer is a topic that has been researched for centuries, and all of the evidence points to a definitive answer. Prayer works! A study from Duke University showed that those who were prayed for in a cardiac care unit had a greater chance of survival without suffering any adverse outcomes.

Participants also had fewer complications following their surgery. Other studies have shown that prayer helps people with cancer live significantly longer, delays the development of Alzheimer’s, and improves cognitive function among dementia patients.

All the energy work I do with my clients is based on the power of intention. You do not need to be a poet or a well known writer to write a prayer, what counts is the your alignment and intention to create what you desire with no attachment.

A quick prayer

So, how do you pray? All you need to do is be open to feeling and healing. The “lost mode” prayer is simply the act of acknowledging your feelings and asking for healing.

A communion with yourself, an act of self-love because you accept feeling what you feel and asking for what you need.

The world can be a dark place. We all encounter moments when we feel lost or out of control. When this happens, it can feel like our prayers are never answered because we don’t know how to pray. However, there are three simple ways that anyone can heal their broken heart with a quick prayer.

Healing your broken heart with a silent prayer or ritual

What is prayer, really?

Prayer is our connection with the Divine. One of the most powerful prayers we can offer is a silent prayer for healing. The power of silence in prayer can be so profound that it may change your life forever. When we pray silently, we are giving ourselves permission to access an area of consciousness where creativity and intuition reign supreme. We are also allowing ourselves space to be still and listen.

#1) I am listening to what is and I embrace it.

Listening is the first phase of healing our broken hearts. When you listen to your thoughts or feelings, without any judgments, you’re actively working on your healing process.

#2) I am feeling

The second phase in healing our broken hearts is acknowledging what we’re feeling without judgment.

This “feeling-based” prayer (exposed on in the article), allows us to be present with all aspects of our experience without fear or shame – even if it’s unpleasant.

Feeling everything, including the sadness and grief because it’s OK to feel these energies during this process.

#3) I am sharing and I am not ashamed of being vulnerable

Sharing about your pain will allow you to build connections with others who may have gone through similar experiences as well as give you a sense of companionship during this challenging time. It will also provide relief from isolation by connecting with those who understand what you’re going through.

Prayer: an easy and powerful way to receive inspiration

Feeling-based prayer is an easy way to heal your heart. When we’re feeling feelings of anger or sadness, we can pray for ourselves or for others. Feeling-based prayer is a personal, intimate experience between you and your Higher Power. It’s an active process of asking for what you want and redirecting the energy from those negative feelings to positive ones.

No matter how bad you might be feeling, if you’ve been listening, if you’ve been paying attention, there’s a way out. Prayer is always available as a way out! It doesn’t take long either. In fact, it takes less than two minutes. You just have to pray with intention and focus on what you’re praying for right now!

I love writing quick prayers, and I often do this for my clients and myself, when I am inspired.

What about you, what has been your experience with prayer?

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